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10 Best Rip Wheeler Moments on Yellowstone

10 Best Rip Wheeler Moments on Yellowstone

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Yellowstone just wouldn’t be the same without Rip Wheeler. A fan-favorite, Rip is tough and gritty but does have a soft side for those he cares for.

Rip is fiercely loyal to the Dutton family, as John took him in after Rip had nowhere else to go as a teenager. He is a vital part of the ranch and he is not someone you want to mess with.

Rip has provided us with some of the best moments in Yellowstone. He is often the enforcer and fixer at the ranch, being John’s right-hand man.

Here are 10 of the best Rip Wheeler moments on Yellowstone to date.

1. Rip Standing Up For Jimmy – Season 1, Episode 4

Rip Wheeler standing up for Jimmy in the Yellowstone TV series

After Jimmy receives praise for finding a stray calf while out riding, ranch hand Fred decides to bully him thinking he is unworthy of the praise. Jimmy is still learning the ways of the ranch when Fred decides to take advantage of him and beat him up.

When Rip stumbles upon the two men fighting, he intervenes to stop Fred from causing further harm to Jimmy. Rip threatens Fred for his actions, telling him that he is never to lay a hand on a “branded man” and that if he needs to fight someone, to fight him.

Rip reassures Jimmy that people like Fred come and go at the ranch all the time, but those who are branded are always a part of the ranch. Rip then tells Fred that he now has to do Jimmy’s job of cleaning stalls.

 When Fred refuses Rip fires him on the spot and tells Lloyd to give Fred his week’s wages and get him off the ranch. Fred takes things a step further and disrespects John Dutton, which earns him a trip to the train station.

2. Unleashing a Bull into a Bar – Season 2, Episode 1

Bull let loose into a bar fight in Yellowstone drama series

The bunkhouse crew decides to enjoy a night out at the bar. Jimmy and Avery are having a conversation when a man intervenes asking Avery if she wants to dance.

Both Jimmy and Avery tell the man no, which he doesn’t take kindly to. A fight then breaks out and the crew leaves the bar bloody and bruised.

When Rip finds out what happened he won’t let it stand as no one messes with the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. With the help of Kayce, Rip returns to the bar to get revenge for the treatment of his crew.

Rip and Kayce back up a cattle trailer to the front entrance of the bar and release a bull. The bull runs into the bar, causing chaos and forcing the bar patrons to flee in a frenzy.

Out back, Rip and the rest of the crew are waiting with baseball bats to beat up the men who caused the fight. Jimmy points out the instigators as the crew takes swings at them, teaching them not to mess with the ranch.

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3. Rip, Beth and Carter Enjoy Dinner – Season 4, Episode 2

Carter unexpectedly enters Beth and Rip’s life in season four. After connecting with Carter at the hospital, Beth steps up for the young teen when he needs it the most.

After a long day at work, Rip comes home to find Beth has made Hamburger Helper for dinner. Rip compliments Beth as she states she thinks she figured out this whole cooking thing. Carter digs in and Beth appears to be happy to enjoy a home-cooked meal with her family.

Rip asks Beth “This makes you happy, don’t it?” to which Beth responds “it does.” Rip says that it’s “‘cause you have a mean streak like a f****n’ badger.” The two laugh together and Beth offers Carter some more.

The scene shows off both Beth’s and Rip’s soft sides. They are clearly enjoying the time they have together and with Carter.

4. Rip Shows His Love for Beth – Season 5, Episode 5

Rip Wheeler in the Yellowstone TV drama series

Beth wakes from a bad dream while Rip is getting ready for work. He kindly tells her “I didn’t mean to wake you, honey. I was trying to be quiet. I’m sorry.”

Beth reassures him that he didn’t wake her up and asks Rip if he ever thinks about them when they were younger. Rip responds with “I think about now, I think about tomorrow, but I don’t give much thought to yesterday… Baby, yesterday is what eats everybody. That’s why I don’t think about it.” Rip then proceeds to tell her “good morning” and comforts her with a smile and kiss.

Later on, Beth is still plagued with thinking about the past so she decides to join Rip and the others on a trip to help move cattle. He begins to question her intentions as to why she’d want to join in which causes her to become defensive.

Realizing what he said isn’t want Beth needs to hear at the moment he corrects his mistake.

Rip then rewords his thoughts, saying “Beth, love of my life. I don’t think I can survive two days alone. And god knows that you hate horses, and cattle, and being dirty and cold, and especially being told what to do — all of which is gonna happen tomorrow. But would you consider coming and sparing me the misery of being without you?”

Beth relaxes after hearing his heartfelt offer and agrees to go on the journey. The two then share a moment of happiness, full of laughing and kissing.

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5. Rip Stands up for Teeter – Season 4, Episode 7

Teeter asking Rip Wheeler for her job back at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch

After a violent fight broke out with Lloyd and Walker over Lamarie, all females were told to leave the bunkhouse. This new rule included Teeter, who has been a loyal ranch hand and member of the bunkhouse.

Teeter became furious that she was forced to leave the bunkhouse at no fault to her. Fuming, she storms off the ranch, leaving without her pay.

However, Teeter doesn’t give up so easily and later returns to the ranch to get her job back. She makes an emotional plea to John and Rip, showing her brand in hopes that it means something to them.

“So all that this is my home forever, that’s just talk? F******g scarred for life, it don’t mean nothing?” said Teeter.

Rip is moved by her plea, knowing that Teeeter is a loyal worker. He reassures her that her brand does indeed mean she is a part of the ranch and offers Teeter her spot back in the bunkhouse.

A tearful Teeter thanks Rip for giving her her job back and gives him an awkward yet sweet hug while he is on horseback. She makes a promise to John and Rip that she will continue to prove her worth and loyalty to the ranch.

Rip understands the importance of having loyal workers and knows that the brand is given for a reason.

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6. Drinking Whiskey Under the Stars – Season 2, Episode 7

Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton sitting on a house roof at night in the Yellowstone TV series

After a fight with Jamie, Rip joins Beth on the rooftop of John’s house to unwind. Together they share a sincere moment as they drink whiskey together and watch the stars.

Beth tells Rip “I’m off it being a crutch, but I’ll sip whiskey and stare at the stars with you, Rip.” Rip stares at Beth lovingly and the two share a tender moment cuddling under a blanket, enjoying each other’s company.

7. Rip Helps Teach a Biker Gang a Lesson – Season 3, Episode 4

Rip Wheeler attacking a biker gang on Yellowstone

While out working, Ryan, Colby and Teeter come across a motorcycle gang trespassing on the ranch property. Ryan starts off politely asking the gang to move, however, they don’t take kindly to this request.

Things then get messy as a fight ensues. Rip and Lloyd see the fight as they are driving down the road. Furious over what is unfolding, Rip proceeds to drive his truck straight through a group of parked motorcycles.

Rip and Lloyd then join in on the fight, with Rip using a branding stick to beat up members of the gang. He tells the leader of the motorcycle gang that they leave now or they won’t leave at all.

Later that night, John and some of the ranch hands, including Rip, return to the spot and wait for the motorcycle gang to return. Upon their arrival John confronts them and when they try to leave, they find themselves at gunpoint.

John forces them to dig their graves and after instilling fear in them, he decides to allow them to leave. However, before they go he warns them that if they ever come back he will bury them in the graves they dug.

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8. Rip Saves Beth – Season 2, Episode 7

Rip Wheeler saves Beth Dutton on Yellowstone

While working late in the office one night, Beth and her assistant Jason are attacked by two masked men. Before they get attacked Beth is able to send a message to Rip that says “office help.”

The attackers beat up Beth and Jason before killing Jason. They try to instill fear in Beth but she lets them know she is not scared of them.

As soon as he gets the text, Rip rushes to Beth’s office. He shows up just in time as one of the assailants throws Beth on the table. Though Rip gets shot, he and Beth are able to fight off the attackers, killing them in the process.

Beth is clearly shaken from the trauma of the attack but is able to walk out alive. Rip offers her comfort and tells her “I love you.”

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9. Rip Gets His Own Cabin – Season 2, Episode 9

Rip Wheeler on Yellowstone TV show

Ever since arriving on the ranch as an orphan teen, John has provided Rip with a home. Rip has proved to be a trusty and loyal ranch hand and in return, John has given Rip a secure job, a place to stay and a family.

After John has time to reflect, he gives Beth a letter where he acknowledges that there is nothing Rip wouldn’t do for the Duttons and the ranch. John is thankful to have someone as loyal and hardworking as Rip at the ranch.

In the letter, John also states that he is giving Rip a cabin on the ranch to have for himself. Realizing that he has earned the love and respect of John, Rip begins to tear up.

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10. Rip and Beth Get Married – Season 4, Episode 10

Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton kissing just after getting married at their wedding

Throughout Yellowstone, fans have watched Rip and Beth’s relationship grow. In the season four finale, the couple ties the knot in an intimate ceremony on the ranch.

While Rip and Beth’s wedding may not have been traditional it was still a beautiful celebration of their love.

Though Beth kidnapped the priest and walked down the aisle in a short gold dress and a fur jacket, you can’t help but see the joy on both her and Rip.

The loving couple had their wedding in front of John, Lloyd and Carter at the ranch in a picturesque ceremony.

While far from a normal wedding, it was a joyous moment for Rip and Beth. The love they have for one another was clear as they begin their journey as a married couple.

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