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10 Best Horse Riding Boots for Kids

10 Best Horse Riding Boots for Kids

Picking out a pair of horseback riding boots is an exciting moment for any horse-loving kid. Whether for English or Western disciplines, these are the best riding boots for kids.

For kids, it is important to have a pair of riding boots that fits comfortably and are safe. Riding boots should have a 1-2 inch heel and be made from leather or synthetic leather. Boots should fit snug but not be tight.

Depending on your child’s preference, boots come in lace, zip-up, and slid-on styles. For English disciplines, paddock and jodhpur boots are the most popular styles for children. For western riding, round toe and square toe boots are common styles for kids.

Here are the best horse riding boots for kids, both boys and girls.

Best English Riding Boots for Kids

1. EQUISTAR Childs All-Weather Synthetic Paddock Boots

EQUISTAR Childs All-Weather Synthetic Zip Paddock Boots

These kids paddock boots are a great option for your kid’s first pair of riding boots. The synthetic leather design gives the appearance of real leather, but at a fraction of the price.

These boots’ all-weather build makes them great all year round. You don’t have to worry about them getting ruined if your child walks through puddles or mud. They have a durable build, which is ideal for tough kiddos.

The EquiStar Sole System provides a cushioned footbed for top-notch support. The sides include elastic gussets to provide flexibility in the saddle.

Why we like them:

  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Comfortable and supportive.

2. Ariat Kid’s Scout Riding Boot

Ariat Unisex Kid's Scout Riding Boot

These 100% leather yard boots are built to last, making them a great option for any young avid rider. They are practical enough for schooling and stylish enough for showing.

The zipper front allows for an easy, secure fit. With a moisture-wicking lining, your kid will stay cool even on hot summer days. The 4LR footbed offers incredible support and cushioning, keeping your child comfortable all day long at the barn.

Elastic gussets allow for flexibility and a proper fit. The Duratread outsole provides excellent traction and wear resistance, which is perfect for the active kiddo. The innovative Wiggle Room Fit System insert can be removed, adding a half-size more of room.

Why we like them:

  • Comfortable, durable and practical.
  • Great for fast-growing kids.
  • Ideal for schooling and showing.

3. Saxon Children’s Syntovia Lace Yard Boots

Saxon. Children's Syntovia Lace Paddock Boots

These faux leather riding boots are an affordable alternative to traditional leather. They look sleek and stylish, making them a great option.

The lace-up front allows kids to get a secure, snug fit. With the speed lacing system, they can be adjusted quickly and effortlessly, which is practical for children. The special EVA footbed provides support and cushioning, preventing sore feet at the end of the day.

The elastic mesh side gussets allow for a flexible and comfortable fit. To provide superior traction both in and out of the saddle, they have a hardy rubber outsole.

Why we like them:

  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Speed lacing system allows for easy adjustment.

4. TuffRider Front Zip Paddock Boots

TuffRider Children's Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots

These zip-up kids paddock boots are made from synthetic leather and have a soft and breathable inside to keep their little feet comfy.

The faux leather is easy to clean and the boots have a great weather-resistant design. The durable PVC outsole provides traction and protection from all weather. Elastic gussets provide flexibility and a proper fit.

Why we like them:

  • Weather-resistant design.
  • Easy to clean and comfortable.
  • Budget-friendly price.


  • Some people find they run small.
  • They can be a bit stiff at first.

5. TuffRider Kids’s Lexington Waterproof Boots

TuffRider Children's Lexington Waterproof Tall Country Boots

These kids long riding boots are a wonderful option for schooling. The classic country design is not only stylish but also practical.

No matter rain or snow, these equestrian boots will keep your kid dry and protected thanks to their waterproof design. The drawstring closure and elastic gussets provide a secure fit while riding. The memory foam insoles provide support and comfort all day long.

With an extra hardy rubber outsole, they provide traction even on slippery surfaces. They are built to last and can withstand tough conditions.

Why we like them:

  • The waterproof design is great for all seasons.
  • Comfortable, durable, and flexible.
  • A sturdy rubber outsole is ideal for all terrains.

Best Western Riding Boots for Kids

1. Ariat Kids’ Rambler Western Cowboy Boot

Ariat Kids' Rambler Western Cowboy Boot

These kids western riding boots are perfect for any young cowboy or cowgirl. Their rugged style has a touch of western flair that makes for a stylish yet practical boot.

The square toe style is comfortable and practical for horseback riding. To keep your little one from getting sore feet, they feature a supportive 4LR footbed. The scoured Duratread outsole not only looks great but also provides top-notch traction.

To keep up with your fast-growing kid, they feature a Wiggle Room insert that can easily be removed when needed. Once your kid has grown, simply remove the insert to gain up to half a shoe size.

Why we like them:

  • Classic western style.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Wiggle Room insert is great for fast-growing kids.

2. Smoky Mountain Monterey Kid’s Boots

Smoky Mountain Boots Monterey Children's Western Toe Western Boots

These synthetic cowboy boots are full of authentic western flair. They give the appearance of real leather without having to spend as much.

The round toe design is sleek and comfortable. The tough rubber outsole is flexible while also providing traction. With a cushioned insole, they provide the support needed for everyday comfort.

These stylish boots are available in nine fun colors with decorative stitching. Not only are they great for horseback riding, but also everyday wear.

Why we like them:

  • Available in nine stylish colors
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Budget-friendly price

3. Ariat Kids’ Tombstone Western Cowboy Boot

Kids' Tombstone Western Cowboy Boot

Chic and practical, your kid will love these fun cowboy boots. Made from high-quality leather, they are built to last.

The durable TPR outsole provides flexibility whether your kid is riding or walking. The 4LR foot bed reduces fatigue while providing all-day support, which is great for the active kid. To cater to how fast kids grow, there is a Wiggle Room insert that can easily be removed to add ½ a shoe size.

There are five gorgeous colors available to meet your child’s personal style. Each pair includes beautifully detailed stitching.

Why we like them:

  • Durable, comfortable and flexible.
  • Available in five fun colors.
  • Wiggle Room inserts cater to fast-growing kids.

4. Ariat Unisex-Child Probaby Western Boot

ARIAT Unisex-Child Probaby Western Boot

These classic pull on western boots are great for young girls and boys. Their durable design is not only chic but also practical.

For hours of support and comfort, they feature a 4LR footbed. For your child’s convenience, they feature four pull-on tabs for each boot. The unique Everlon sole is a combination of EVA and blown rubber outsole.

To keep up with how fast kids grow, the Wiggle Room insert can conveniently be taken out to give an additional ½ shoe size. The beautiful stitching on these boots provides a touch of authentic western style.

Why we like them:

  • Classic western style.
  • Durable, comfortable, and flexible.
  • Wiggle Room insert is ideal for fast-growing kids.

5. Justin Boots Unisex-Child Buffalo

Justin Boots Unisex-Child

These bright blue and brown leather boots are sure to stand out in the ring. Made from durable leather, they are built to last among even the toughest of kids.

The innovative J-Flex Flexible Comfort System features a leather-covered cushion insole and triple density insole board for all-day support. The square toe design provides ample wiggle room, which is great for growing kids. For easy on and off, they feature pull-on tabs.

With double stitch welts, they provide much-needed durability. The hardy rubber outsole provides traction while riding and walking.

Why we like them:

  • Durable, flexible, and comfortable.
  • Square toe design provides wiggle room.
  • Practical and colorful.

What Type of Pants Should Kids Wear Horseback Riding?

For English riding disciplines, breeches and jodhpurs are the best options for riding. When it comes to western, many people prefer to wear comfortable jeans.

Kids should wear long pants that are flexible and provide protection. Oftentimes, leggings can be too thin to ride in and won’t provide adequate grip or protection. Riding pants or quality jeans are the best options for kids to wear while riding.

Are Zipper or Lace-up Riding Boots Better?

Both zipper and lace-up riding boots are great for horseback riding. One is not better than the other, as it all depends on personal preference.

Lace-up boots allow you to get a more secure, snug fit to your feet. They also allow more room for thick socks during winter. Zippers provide an easy, comfortable fit, without the hassle of having laces come undone.