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6 Best Electric Ride On Horse & Unicorn Toys for Kids

6 Best Electric Ride On Horse & Unicorn Toys for Kids

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Every horse-crazy kid would love to have their own pony at home. Since that isn’t always possible, these ride-on electric horse and unicorn toys are the next best thing.

Your kid will absolutely love zooming around on these electric horse toys. They provide hours of entertainment while letting your child’s imagination run wild. Children will love not only riding along on their pony, but also taking care of it as if it were real.

Here are the six best electric ride-on horse and unicorn toys.

1. My Wild Pony, Motorized Ride-On Horse

My Wild Pony, Motorized Ride-On Horse for kids

Kids can gallop away on this gorgeous pony. Whether indoors or outdoors, this electric ride-on horse will provide hours of non-stop fun.

The reins work as a hand-held accelerator with directional controls. This allows children to steer left, right, go forwards, and reverse. The horse even makes galloping noises as well as neighs.

My Wild Pony has a 12V battery with a max speed of 1.86 MPH, making it fun and safe. When not riding, kids can groom and accessorize the horse’s mane and tail. It can hold up to 66 pounds and is ideal for ages three years and up.

There is also a unicorn version of this toy, but we couldn’t find a reputable supplier who had it in stock.

2. Power Pony

Power Pony electrical ride on horse and unicorn toy for kids

This unique electric ride-on pony is unlike anything else. The soft plush horse features a saddle and bridle which gives it a realistic appearance. They also have a unicorn variant!

Each pony includes a Zume engine and a battery pack. To move forward, kids only need to press the toes down evenly.  To move backward, all kids have to do is press their heels down evenly. When turning, kids just have to apply more pressure to one side.

Interactive LED lights make for an even cooler ride. There are even realistic sounds and lights in the pony’s ears. Kids of all ages will not only love riding all around on their pony, both indoors and outdoors, but also grooming him as well.

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4. Kid Trax Toddler/Kids Rideamal Unicorn

Kid Trax Ride on electric Unicorn toy

What little kid doesn’t want their very own unicorn? Included in our best unicorn toys guide, kids will love riding on Josie, who can trot (3. 5 MPH), gallop (4 MPH), or go backward (3. 5 MPH).

To ensure every playtime is as fun as the last, there are over 100 unique noises Josie the unicorn makes. She will respond with different movements, whether you pet her nose or cheeks. Not only does her horn light up, but her ears and eyes also move as well.

When not riding Josie, kids can enjoy feeding her a cupcake or brushing her mane. She has a maximum weight of 70 pounds and is ideal for children aged 3 to 7 years old. There is also a horse variant of this toy.

3. Kid Trax Rideamals Horse Toddler Electric Ride On Toy

Kid Trax Rideamals Horse Toddler Electric Ride On Toy

This adorable bay horse Rideamal has an easy push-button drive system that is simple for kids to use. With a top speed of 1.5 miles it is safe to use, but will still be loads of fun for your child.

There are 20 different sounds the horse can make in response to your child. The Power Trax rubber traction strip tires allow for a smooth ride. It also comes with a 6-volt rechargeable battery and wall charger.

When not riding the pony, children can brush his mane and feed him corn. Complete with blue reins and a saddle, this toy has a weight limit of 44 pounds and is ideal for ages 18-30 months.

5. Best Ride On Cars Unicorn Carriage

Best Ride On Cars Unicorn Carriage

Make playtime even more magical with this electric ride-on unicorn carriage.

The adorable carriage features working lights, a realistic engine start sound, a horn, and soothing music. There is even a reliable interface that has a closed seating area that includes broad back seat support. With an easy-to-use steering wheel, children can enjoy a comfortable and safe riding experience.

Kids can drive forward or reverse at a maximum speed of 4 MPH. It features a 6V battery and is ideal for kids aged 2 to 5 years old.

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6. Disney Princess Royal Horse and Carriage Ride-On Toy

Disney Princess Royal Horse and Carriage Ride-On Toy

Your child can feel like a princess or prince in this stunning horse-drawn carriage. The beautiful royal carriage features graphics of popular Disney Princesses including Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Aurora, and Tiana.

There is a red push button with a “foot-pedal” style accelerator to start the carriage. An easy-to-use heart-shaped steering wheel allows your kid to easily drive the carriage. It even makes fun Disney Princess sounds and has a glove box, beverage holder, along with doors that open and close.

With a 6V battery, the carriage can drive forwards or backward up to 2.5 MPH. The carriage has a maximum weight of 65 pounds and is fitting for kids aged 3 to 7 years old.

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