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7 Best Horse Riding Back Braces

7 Best Horse Riding Back Braces

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When looking after and riding horses on a regular basis, our backs have to withstand strain from lifting, bending, jarring, sitting, and twisting. In the long term, these repetitive movements can be the cause of back pain, which is a common problem among riders of all levels.

Riding with back pain can drastically affect our balance, skill, and confidence in the saddle. It not only causes stiffness and an uptight posture, but will inhibit the core muscles that are so essential to riding.

Luckily, back pain is mostly a temporary issue that can be resolved by going to a physio or massage therapist, or wearing a back brace. There are several horse riding back braces that have been designed specifically for horse riders and relieve pain in either the upper or lower back.

In addition, equestrian back braces are also useful to riders who want to develop perfect posture. By gently guiding your body into the right position, they help retrain specific muscle groups to maintain good posture.

Here are the Best Equestrian Back Braces

1. Equestorian Back Brace

Equestorian Back Brace product photo

Similar to the above product, the Equestorian Back Brace offers upper back support and creates an upright position in the saddle. It features adjustable shoulder straps and metal bars that run along the upper back to prevent slouching and improve body awareness.

The back brace is designed with rider comfort in mind and doesn’t restrict movement in the saddle. It’s made of lightweight and breathable materials suitable for extensive training all year round.

Among other things, the brace prevents backache, improves balance, and helps you achieve the perfect posture without the need for a riding instructor. It does this by pulling the shoulders back and stretching out chest muscles, while also giving support to the lumbar region.

The brace provides an overall healthier and better riding experience. However, you can also practice the perfect posture off the saddle. The Equestorian team recommends wearing it for 15-20 minutes first, then adding 20 minutes to every session after a few days.

For best results, wear the back brace for 3-4 hours every day until you can maintain the perfect posture without thinking. The brace fits all body shapes and comes in sizes XS to 4XL.

Woman horse riding with the Equestorian Back Brace
Me (Henrietta) reviewing the Equestorian Back Brace

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2. EquiFit ShouldersBack

The EquiFit ShouldersBack was developed specifically for equestrians by orthopedic specialists. Its name was inspired by the frequent phrase horse riders hear their instructors say: “Shoulders back!”

This innovative horse riding back brace uses adjustable velcro straps to correct rounded shoulders and provide support to the upper back. It can be worn both in the saddle and on the ground when walking, sitting, or standing.

A great advantage of the EquiFit ShouldersBack brace when compared to other horse riding braces is the lack of a metal component. This allows for greater range of movement and flexibility in the saddle. The lightweight, elastic fabric ensures maximum comfort when the brace is worn over a shirt.

There are currently two versions available to equestrians: the Original and Lite. The ShouldersBack Original version comes in black and gray colors and is constructed from a denser fabric than the Lite.

Whereas, the SholdersBack Lite features a more lightweight, breathable material that makes it ideal to wear on hot days. The color options for the Lite version include black, gray, and beige. Both EquiFit ShouldersBack braces are available in S, M, and L sizes.

3. Back on Track Back Brace

Back on Track Back Brace product photo

The Back on Track Back Brace is ideal for horse riders with lower back issues. Its unique polypropylene material incorporates ceramic particles that absorb body heat and reflect it in the form of infrared waves. This warming effect improves blood and oxygen circulation in the muscles of the lower back.

Although the equestrian back brace provides postural support as well, its main benefit comes from its special ceramic material. By keeping the muscles warm, the brace relieves tension and pain, prevents injury and infection, and speeds up any healing in the area.

The Back on Track Back Brace is recommended by several top equestrians, including show jumpers Meredith M. Beerbaum and Ludger Beerbaum and dressage rider Isabell Werth.

It fits a variety of body shapes and comes in sizes S-L.

4. Alignmed Posture Shirt

Alignmed Posture Shirt

The Alignmed Posture Shirt is a one-of-a-kind product that improves your posture without putting any restrictions on your body. Although it’s not an equestrian-specific product, it’s recommended by horse riders who have seen major improvements in their posture after a few months of wearing the shirt.

The Alignmed Posture Shirt incorporates tension panel Neurobands that have been scientifically proven to improve posture and shoulder stability. The product has been developed by a group of 25 medical and sports scientists using the latest technology in apparel design.

The best thing about this shirt is that it’s comfortable to wear all day. With time and consistent use, the Neurobands in the shirt will retrain the body’s muscles to maintain correct posture. The high-quality materials ensure the product remains durable and doesn’t lose elasticity.

By improving posture, the Alignmed Posture Shirt also relieves back and shoulder pain, improves performance, reduces fatigue, and speeds up injury recovery. The company caters to both men and women and has a range of anatomically designed apparel. Available sizes are XS-3XL.

5. EquiBelt

EquiBelt lower back brace for horse riders

The EquiBelt horse riding back brace from 4DflexiSPORT was designed to address lower back pain in horse riders. The joint efforts of medical and equestrian experts have created an innovative product that gives riders the support they need for a stable and quiet seat.

Thanks to the high-end fabrics, the EquiBelt conforms to the shape of the body and causes no discomfort during riding. Its lightweight and breathable material allow for adequate air circulation while keeping the muscles warm enough for improved blood and nerve flow.

You can easily adjust the back brace for the level of support your lower back requires. The extra-wide hip-pulls keep your belly tucked in and encourage an upright riding position. Wearing it will also engage your core muscles and improve your overall riding posture.

Aside from reducing the risk of back pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms, the EquiBelt can also alleviate pain from conditions like bursitis and sacroiliitis. The brace can be used as part of a rehabilitation program following a back injury to accelerate recovery.

The product’s discreet design allows riders to wear the EquiBelt directly on the skin or under a back protector. The brace is also accredited by the International Sports Council and can be worn in competitions.

6. Applied Posture Riding Lumbar Back Brace

Applied Posture Riding Lumbar Back Brace

The Lumbar Back Brace from Applied Posture Riding wraps around the abdominal muscles to support the lower back and complement core stability. It efficiently absorbs the jarring impact of horse riding, protecting your spine from injury and pain.

The brace is especially beneficial to riders with weak core muscles as it supports the pelvis and abdominal muscles. The product features flexible stays that encircle your lumbar curve and stabilize the joints in the area.

Although it might appear stiff compared to other designs, it is comfortable to wear and safe to ride with. The sizes available are S to 2XL.

In addition to the Lumbar Back Brace, Applied Posture training has also developed a Mini Lumbar Back Support for riders who don’t require a full back brace. What’s more, their Posture Shoulder Brace is ideal for correcting rounded shoulders and that poking chin posture.

7. Truweo Posture Corrector

Truweo Posture Corrector for men and women

The Truweo Posture Corrector is a simple yet effective upper back brace that relieves neck, back, and shoulder pain. Although the product was designed for the everyday sportsperson, it works just as well with horse riders.

You can wear the posture corrector at any time in any position, including standing, sitting, or lying down. To avoid unwanted strain, start by wearing it for 20-30 minutes daily and gradually increase to 1-2 hours.

The Truweo Posture Corrector is made from high-quality lightweight and breathable fabric that’s comfortable and easy to wash. It features adjustable straps that allow you to alter the tension as your muscle memory develops.

Wear the brace over clothing for maximum comfort. The Truweo Posture Corrector is one size fits all, removing the hassle of measuring for the right size.

Choosing the Right Equestrian Back Brace

When deciding which back brace to choose, it is paramount that you first identify the problem. Is it a hollow or stiff lower back or rounded shoulders you suffer from? The former will require a lower back brace, while the latter calls for a brace that supports the upper back like Equestorian.

When buying the product, make sure you follow their sizing chart correctly. Purchasing the wrong size will defeat the purpose of the back brace and might end up causing you more pain.

It’s also important that the brace is adjustable and will fit you even if you’re in between sizes.