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25 Best Cowboy and Country Tattoos

25 Best Cowboy and Country Tattoos

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The spirit of the cowboy, steeped in country charm and Wild West heritage, has long held a captivating allure. From the strength and resilience of rodeo culture to the grit and grace of cowgirls, these enduring symbols of country and Western lifestyles resonate with a potent sense of adventure.

Tattoos, as personal expressions of identity, offer an intimate canvas to showcase this affinity and individualistic spirit.

Below we have selected a range of cowboy, cowgirl, rodeo, and country tattoo ideas that encapsulate the authentic essence of this rich cultural narrative.

Whether you’re contemplating your first tattoo or seeking to add a new piece to your collection, join us as we explore the vibrant world of country and Western-inspired tattoo artistry.

1. Stoic Cowboy Tattoo

Source: @luiz_fs8

This long design works well on an arm of a leg. A moody cowboy walks his horse, rope in tow ready to round up some cattle.

2. Clint Eastwood Silhouette Tattoo

Source: @itskaaait

Clint Eastwood may be the most iconic cinematic cowboy. This is a silhouette of his character in The Good The Bad and The Ugly and is instantly recognizable with his distinctive hat and poncho.

3. Smoking Cowboy Silhouette Tattoo

Source: @skyemtattoos

This tattoo uses thick dark lines to create a dramatic silhouette. The cowboy on horseback smokes his cigar as he crosses the desert and the sun burns behind him.

4. Rodeo Cowboy Tattoo

Source: @leahhardman

This is another long tattoo great for the arm or leg. It feels active, with a rodeo cowboy on the back of a bucking bronco. A horseshoe in the background completes the theme.

5. Bucking Cowboy Tattoo

Source: @tattoodo

This is a large and moody tattoo. The cowboy sits on a bucking horse, but despite the intensity and action of the moment, the cowboy seems calm in the eye of the storm.

6. Cowboy Resting Tattoo

Source: @tattoodo

This is another cowboy who seems relaxed, in control, and confident, despite the fact that he is about to enter the ring. He calmly lights a cigarette and prepares himself for what is to come.

7. Cowboy Skeleton Tattoo

Source: @mantikora

There is something about cowboys, skeletons, and death that just go together. Cowboys live in a ruthless world where life can be cheap. This dead cowboy draws his gun and is marked by the desert that shaped him.

8. Cowboy Showdown Tattoos

Source: @psychotats

One of the most used tropes in cowboy movies is the showdown at dawn. But here it is not clear if two cowboys are facing off, or a cowboy is facing off with himself in the mirror. Who is it that you really need to defeat?

9. Cowboy Skull Tattoo

This is a simple but iconic cowboy tattoo ideal for anyone looking for something smaller to celebrate the Wild West.

10. Yeehaw Cowboy Tatoo

Source: @j.r.smith__

There is something iconic about a horse rearing in its hind legs that makes you shout yeehaw. This is a simple, clean, and undeniably cowboy tattoo.

11. Colorful Cowboy Skull Tattoo

If you are thinking about getting a cowboy skull tattoo, why not get something with a splash of color? These reds and yellows have a Cinco de Mayo vibe.

12. Cowboy Skull with Kerchief Tattoo

Outlaws in the old west often wore kerchiefs to hide their identity. This sinsiter fellow is definitely up to no good.

13. Light Colorful Cowbird Tattoo

If you want something light and colorful as a cowgirl, check out this cow chick tattoo. Her credentials are unmistakable with her pink boots, hat and kerchief.

14. Cowboy Hat and Boots Tattoo

Source: @fashionbeans

What makes a cowboy? Well, the hat and boots of course. This tattoo is almost like cowboy DNA with classic cowboy boots and western hat.

15. Girly Cowboy Boots Tattoo

Source: @badmanazzz

These boots were made for walking! Any cowgirl worth her salt has a classic pair of cowgirl boots. They also make a classic tattoo design and look great in bright colors.

16. Cowgirl Tattoo

Self-portrait? Or an image of a cowgirl that you respect. This is a fun but powerful tattoo with great use of color. I love the hearts on the cheeks.

17. Cowboy Lighting A Cigarette Tattoo

When a cowboy lights his cigarette, it is usually a signal that he means business. This realistic cowboy could be sitting down for a game of cards or preparing for a shootout.

18. Rodeo Cowboy Tattoo

Source: @thundabeast

This realistic rodeo cowboy tattoo looks great on the arm of the calm. The artist has managed to capture the bucking of the horse and the control of the rider.

19. Playboy Chaps Tattoo

Source: @iamkure

Cowboy chaps are a serious fashion statement. This chaps tattoo also uses the Playboy Bunny symbol as a motif for an extra layer of meaning.

20. Cowboy Riding Bull Tattoo

Source: @sashamade

This tattoo is so realistic that it feels like a photograph printed on the skin. The bull bucks while the serious rodeo cowboy does his job.

21. Female Rodeo Clown Tattoo

there is something tragic about the life of a rodeo clown. Living the dream or living in the shadow of the rodeo stars? The tears on the face of this female rodeo clown say it all.

22. Cowgirl with Red Sun Tattoo

Source: @idlehandsf

The look in this cowgirl’s eyes says it all! The black tattoo looks dynamic with the red sun and touches of red in the portrait.

23. Cowgirl with Smoking Gun Tattoo

This is one dangerous female cowboy! If lookssidearm could kill, but she has just blown someone away with her trusty side arm.

24. Colorful Sleeping Cowboy Tattoo

Source: @nextluxury

The colors of this dramatic tattoo pop to make the scene of a cowboy simply sleeping feel vibrant and alive.

25. Woody Cowboy Tattoo

Source: @tattoostime

Classic cowboy Woody from Toy Story in an unusually serious pose with a handgun and cigar. Perfect for youngsters who grew up with Woody and are now serious cowboys.

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