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7 Best Cowboy Hat Brands

7 Best Cowboy Hat Brands

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Having a good cowboy hat is important to your western attire. Before you saddle up, you will want to have a quality cowboy hat that is stylish and practical.

The best cowboy hat brands include Ariat, American Hat Company, Resistol, Justin, Stetson, Queue Essentials, and JW Brooks. These brands produce top-quality hats for men and women that look good and feel good. They use expert craftsmanship to make hats that are built to last and are great for anything from riding to formal events.

There are several different styles of cowboy hats, including cattleman, cutter, brick, Gus, derby, gambler, and many more. Most styles are made with felt or straw and may even feature embellishments or embroidery.

Here are the best cowboy hat brands.

1. Ariat

Ariat branded white cowboy hat
ARIAT Mens Bangora Straw Western Hat

Ariat has long been a leader in equestrian footwear. However, they also have an excellent line of hats and apparel.

Inspired by the incredible racehorse Secretariat, Ariat began in 1993 and has since been making top-quality equestrian products. With world-class craftsmanship, they use only the best materials for enhanced performance. Their products excel in functionality while also looking stylish as well.

Ariat sells straw and felt cowboy hats, ideal for the everyday cowboy. Every hat is carefully crafted with comfort and style in mind. Many competitive western riders choose Ariat not only for their boots but also for their hats.

See Ariat hats on their website and Amazon.

2. American Hat Company

American Hat Company cowboy hat

Since 1915, the American Hat Company has been producing the finest cowboy hats. With quality, tradition, and classic style, they offer cowboy hats for every need.

American Hat Company sells a large variety of different styles and colors of cowboy hats. Their hats are all carefully hand-crafted with authentic felt or straw, so you know you are getting only the best product. They make hats for everyday wear, rodeos, and fashion.

American Hat Company partners with many top associations, including the American Quarter Horse Association and the PBR. With over 100 years of experience, they are trusted by top riders worldwide.

See more details on the American Hat Company website.

3. Resistol

10X Brixton Resistol cowboy hat
Resistol 10X Brixton

Resistol has been catering to the cowboy community since 1927. Their team of passionate hatters works hard to create only the best cowboy hats.

They offer a wide selection of straw and felt cowboy hats in a large assortment of colors. Their hats are designed specifically for the western lifestyle, from riding to fashion. They even offer a unique line of helmet hats that offer protection as you ride while maintaining the classic cowboy hat look.

Resistol is not only a favorite among cowboys, but also among celebrities as well. They have even partnered with country superstars George Strait and Jason Aldean to create quality and unique lines of hats.

Find more information on the Resistol website.

4. Justin

Justin cowboy hat brand

Most famous for their western footwear, Justin Boots also produces high-quality cowboy hats. Since 1879, they have created some of the finest western wear to meet the needs of working cowboys.

Their hats come in both felt and straw options with classic Western style. They are particularly great for working cowboys or wearing at rodeos. Their hats offer a classic, timeless look that never goes out of style.

Justin’s hats match the quality of their boots. Numerous professionals trust them in the rodeo industry.

Find their hats on the Justin website or Amazon.

5. Stetson

Stetson cowboy hat brand

With over 150 years of craftsmanship, Stetson offers genuine American heritage in all of its hats. They provide high-end cowboy hats and western wear that is stylish and practical.

Stetson offers classic and sophisticated cowboy hats in felt and straw options. Their hats come in simple, fashion-forward styles that are great for all your needs. They come in a wide variety of price points, including upscale budgets.

Stetson hats are made in America and embody the spirit of the west. Forged in style, they are a popular brand worldwide.

Find their hats on the Stetson website or Amazon.

6. Queue Essentials

Queue Essentials cowboy hat brand

Queue Essentials offers quality cowboy hats a budget-friendly prices. They offer hats that are both fashion-forward and functional.

Queue Essentials sells a variety of stylish straw and felt hats. Their styles include a variety of classic hats along with more fashion-forward options with decorative brims. Their straw hats are breathable, durable, and make a statement, whether you are at a rodeo or out for a night of dancing.

Whether you are a cowboy or simply enjoy western fashion, Queue Essentials offers something for everyone. They are more affordable than other brands without sacrificing quality.

Find Queue Essentials hats here on Amazon.

7. JW Brooks

JW Brooks cowboy hat brand

JW Brooks offers cowboy hats tailored to your lifestyle. Their hats are custom made, ensuring that you will get the right fit.

With the ability to customize, the possibilities are endless for getting the perfect cowboy hat. Their high-quality felt hats come in various colors and use only the finest of furs. You can add a custom brim embroidery for an additional flair of elegance.

Whether for rodeo queens or those looking for a night out of fun, JW Brooks meets your needs. With over 30 years of experience, they make luxurious hats that are truly one of a kind.

Find their hats on the JW Brooks website.

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