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8 Best Baby Horse Rockers

8 Best Baby Horse Rockers

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Many top equestrians first got their start on a rocking horse. These timeless toys make a wonderful gift for any young horse lover.

The best baby horse rockers help develop a child’s fine motor skills, balance and imagination. Not only are fun for kids to play with, but they are also beautiful as well. Whether you want a traditional wood rocker or a soft, plush rocker, this list has you covered.

Best Baby Rockers

1. labebe – Baby Rocking Horse

Labebe Pink Baby Rocking Horse

Soft, huggable, and adorable, this lovable baby rocking horse is the perfect toy for kids six months and older. The soft plush fabric on the pink unicorn is stain-resistant and pill-free, so you don’t have to worry about your child accidentally making any messes.

So your baby can safely ride, the plushy seat features three high sides and a seatbelt. The sides are made of adorable heart wings that kids will love. There are also smooth wooden handles kids can hold onto as they ride.

The sturdy construction of the frame will outlast even the toughest little riders. The unicorn even features a soft mane and tail that kids can play with as well.

Why we recommend this product:

  • Features a soft, plush material that is gentle on children’s skin.
  • It has three sides and a seatbelt so kids can safely ride.
  • Features a sturdy wooden frame and smooth wooden handles.

2. Little Tikes Rocking Horse Magenta

Little Tikes Rocking Horse Magenta

A modern take on the classic baby rocking horse, this magenta pony is great for kids one to three years old. Kids will have a blast rocking on this adorable horse, whether for indoor or outdoor play.

The rocking horse features a seat with a back so kids can safely play. It prevents kids from falling forward or backward while still allowing them to have fun. With easy-grip handles, kids can enjoy playtime to the fullest.

The plastic build of the horse is durable and will hold up against even the rowdiest little cowboys. It comes at a great budget-friendly price that parents will appreciate.

Why we recommend this product:

  • Hardy plastic design will hold up.
  • The safety seat prevents kids from falling backward or forward.
  • It can be used indoors or outdoors.

3. labebe – Wooden Rocking Horse

labebe Wooden Baby Rocking Horse

This adorable classic-style rocking horse makes a great companion for your little one. The white and black coloring with stars looks adorable in any nursery.

The traditional design not only looks good, but also has a sturdy build. It is made from cottonwood and density board that is durable but also not too heavy. To keep kids in place, it features a safe back rack.

The easy-to-grip handles make playtime more fun and easy. In addition, it features an anti-rollover design so parents can rest assured their kids are safe. It is ideal for ages one to three.

Why we recommend this product:

  • Has a beautiful traditional rocking horse style.
  • Built with cottonwood and density board that is durable yet lightweight.
  • Features a safe back rack and an anti-rollover design.

4. Rockin’ Rider Carrot 2-in-1 Plush Rocker

Rockin' Rider Carrot 2-in-1 Plush Rocker

Included in our best rocking horses guide, this plush baby rocker makes for a wonderful present. The adorable Paint horse has a soft mane and tail that kids can brush.

As kids ride the pony, they can press its ear to hear it sing “I’m a Little Pony.” In addition to singing, it also makes different noises and has six phrases it says. It also has easy-grip handles that are comfortable for kids to hold.

This Rockin Rider easily converts from a rocking horse into a roller without needing any tools. This allows kids to play however they’d like and go back and forth between the two options. It is ideal for kids ages one to three.

Why we recommend this product:

  • Can be used as a rocker or roller.
  • Can sing, talk and make different noises.
  • Soft and huggable.

5. Qaba Kids Plush Ride-On Rocking Horse

Qaba Kids Plush Ride-On Rocking Horse

This lovable and adorable plush baby rocker makes a wonderful horse toy for little equestrians. Kids will love its soft, plush fur and fluffy mane and tail.

While rocking on the horse, children can press its ears to play neighing and galloping noises. The horse features a faux leather saddle and cushion polyester body that is comfortable to sit while they hold onto the easy-grip handles. Lightweight yet long-lasting, it features a solid and stable metal frame along with a solid wood base.

There is also a huggable teddy bear that comes with a horse that is stored in a convenient pocket. The horse comes in blue, brown pink, and white and is ideal for ages three and up.

Why we recommend this product:

  • Soft, durable, and lightweight.
  • Comes with a plush teddy bear.
  • Makes noises when ears are pressed.

6. B. toys by Battat Kazoo Wooden Rocking Zebra

B. toys by Battat Kazoo Wooden Rocking Zebra

This cute zebra named Kazoo has a classic wooden frame, and soft, plush body kids will love. Even though Kazoo is cuddly, he is also durable and will outlast even the roughest little riders.

A wooden ball inside the zebra makes a clippity-clop sound as kids ride. The orange and purple patterned saddle is cushioned so kids will be comfortable. Traditional hardwood handles allow kids to achieve a secure grip.

Kazoo is made using sustainable materials including soy-based inks and water-based varnishes. This adorable rocker is ideal for ages 18 months to five years.

Why we recommend this product:

  • Has a durable wooden frame.
  • Cuddly, soft, and comfortable.
  • Makes clippity-clop sounds when ridden.

7. Belleur Wooden Rocking Horse for Baby

Belleur Wooden Rocking Horse for Baby

This rocking horse makes a great addition to your home with a simple yet traditional design. Its innovative design features a low center of gravity while also being lightweight and portable.

A detachable fence and back seat are included so kids can safely play until they have gained enough balance to ride freely. Anti-roller technology ensures the horse will always stay upright during playtime.

This rocker is ideal for kids between the ages of one to three. The white design is a great canvas for babies to decorate and let their imaginations run wild.

Why we recommend this product:

  • Simple, traditional design.
  • Features a removable fence and back seat.
  • Has a low center of gravity while being lightweight and portable.

8. Nattou Rocking Donkey for Children

Nattou Rocking Donkey for Children

Sweet and huggable, Cappuccino the donkey is soft, cute, and durable. His gentle backward and forward rocking motions have a calming effect on young kids.

Cappuccino has a three-sided cushion seat with a seatbelt so small kids can safely play. The wide wooden handles are easy for young children to hold onto. The soft plush fabric can be washed with soap and water, making for easy cleanup.

With a durable wooden frame, this rocker will last years of use. Cappuccino the donkey is ideal for babies ages 10-36 months.

Why we recommend this product:

  • The soft plush is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Has a durable wooden frame.
  • Features a three-sided seat with a seatbelt.

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