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11 Best Barrel Racing Quotes & Sayings

11 Best Barrel Racing Quotes & Sayings

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Barrel racing is one of the equine sports that takes the most guts, precision and speed. A lot of people think it’s easy just racing around a couple of barrels. Well, it isn’t.

It takes a special kind of person to succeed at barrel racing. A person who isn’t afraid to quit. Someone who understands balance. Most importantly, someone who has a very special connection with their horse.

The quotes we have chosen below sum up what it takes to succeed in both barrel racing and life.

Here are the best barrel racing quotes:

Never let success get to your head, or failure get to your heart

Letting success or failure get to you makes you unbalanced. Balance is one of the key factors in barrel racing.

Too much confidence and you’re bound to get knocked down a peg; too little confidence and you’ll never reach your potential. Barrel racing teaches you to be both humble and confident.

Let’s see you ride a 1200 pound muscle machine at full speed, turning barrels on a dime and still keep your balance

Barrel racing teaches you balance. And that counts in and out of the saddle. Without the right physical and emotional balance in the saddle, you’ll fall.

That type of balance gets transferred into all spheres of life, making barrel racers more resilient and hard working than most people.

If you aren’t afraid of the speed, you aren’t going fast enough!

Bravery is a must-have for barrel racing! Without the guts to go as fast as possible, there’s no point in even competing.

Basing your probability of success on the amount of fear you have is also a great life lesson. It teaches you to take risks and step outside your comfort zone.

Don’t be afraid of the girl that decides to run, it’s half the fun

Not only does barrel racing teach you a lot about horses and life, but it also teaches you about relationships and trust. Don’t mistake a girl that runs for one that’s running away, sometimes she just knows exactly where she’s heading and she plans on getting there fast.

Look up not down; look forward not back; look towards your goals not back at your failures

Life is full of up’s and downs and as with every riding discipline, where you look is where you’ll end up. It’s one of the biggest lessons riding teaches us. When we focus on where we want to go, that is where we’ll end up going.

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going

While barrel racers may be determined to reach their goals as fast as possible, they also know that you need to take the time to get from point A to point B. So as much as the sport is about speed, it’s also about determination and consistency.

Trust me, I never lose, I either win or learn

This is possibly one of the most important lessons we can learn from barrel racers. There are no losers, in riding or life. Obstacles and setbacks are only lessons.

The best we can do is learn from our mistakes and do better next time. Getting down about not getting something right the first time is not the barrel-racer way.

Don’t compare yourself to others or their work, just do your thing

Barrel racing teaches confidence. It teaches riders that one size doesn’t fit all. What works for one person may not work for you. Following your instincts and doing what feels right, adjusting when you fail and staying focused are all very important lessons.

“I want a horse with Heart above all others. I don’t care if he’s Smart Little Lena’s full brother, or just how much his grandmother won, or whether he’s roan or palomino or dun. But give me a horse with some grit and some try , and some heart and some guts, and that’s the one I’ll buy.” – Monte Baker

Obviously this counts for mares too. And even people. This barrel racing quote just goes to show that passion and perseverance count a lot more than bloodlines and hearsay!

We often let our thoughts about a thing cloud our judgment of the thing. That doesn’t work out for the best, in barrel racing or life.

The best thing to do is flow with her go, she’ll lift your spirits to high from low. look into her big eyes, And what you’ll see – intelligence, determination – and all you want to be.

This one hits so close to home for every horse lover, even if you’ve never raced barrels in your life.

Horse riding is about learning to be better, trying harder, and pushing through. It’s something we all carry with us. It’s the magic of connecting to the creatures we admire.

3 Turns, 2 Hearts, 1 Soul

Last but not least, this quote sums up perfectly how in tune a barrel racer needs to be with their horse. It’s all about becoming one with your horse. The same counts for any discipline, but with barrel racing you’re either connected, or you take a fall.

That’s it for our best barrel racing quotes. Which one was your favorite and what other quotes or sayings would you include? Let us know in the comments!