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7 Best Barn & Stall Heaters for Horses & Livestock

7 Best Barn & Stall Heaters for Horses & Livestock

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As seasons change and temperatures drop, the comfort and well-being of our equine and livestock friends become a prime concern.

This is when barn and stall heaters step into the spotlight, providing much-needed warmth for our four-legged companions.

However, with numerous options available in the market, choosing the most effective and safe heater can be a challenge.

We have carefully curated a list of the best barn and stall heaters, taking into consideration factors such as safety, efficiency, and durability.

So whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a new horse owner preparing for the winter, journey with us as we navigate the market to find the best heating solutions for your barn or stall.

Best Barn and Stall Heaters

1. Kalglo Infrared Radiant Heater

Kalglo Infrared Radiant Heater

Whether for barns, stalls, or wash racks, Kalglo is a leader in providing quality heaters for horses and livestock. This easy-to-install system simply operates with an on and off switch, with no need for a thermostat.

The controls allow you to switch the settings from off, low, medium, or high, depending on how cold it is. It heats your horse’s stall or other key areas of the barn, instead of the whole thing, saving you money. Without any visible light, it can provide a large, radiant heat pattern.

This heater features a timer switch, allowing you to turn it on for a certain amount of time. You don’t have to worry about setting it up in your wash rack, as splashing will not damage the heating element. The durable metal sheath design will last for years of wear.

2. NewAir Hardwired Electric Garage Heater

NewAir G73 Hardwired Electric Garage Heater

Our third choice is this wall-mounted electric garage heater. Although it’s meant to be wall-mounted, you can adjust somewhat and use it on the ground.

The heater has an automatic heat control system so it can modify the temperature to prevent the animals from overheating.

3. Barn Pros Infrared Radiant Heater

Barn Pros Infrared Radiant Heater

This simple yet effective heater provides efficient spot heating. It is specifically meant for grooming stalls, but is also practical for sick horses, newborn foals, and show horses.

Due to the corrosion-resistant materials, you can install it indoors and also outdoors. With an easy-to-install design, you can hang it up or mount it on a wall. It is a great affordable option if you need to heat a small space.

4. Comfort Zone Digital Fan-Forced Ceiling Heater

Comfort Zone Digital Fan-Forced Ceiling Mount Heater

An ideal digital heater for small barns or indoor stable blocks. Made from heavy gauge steel, it can withstand frequent temperature fluctuations in poorly insulated areas.

Additionally, the remote control makes it easy to adjust the settings and custom them to your space. An in-built sensor will automatically stop the fan from overheating to prevent heat damage.

5. Enerco Gas Infrared Heater

Enerco Gas Infrared Heater for barns and horse stalls

This gas-powered infrared heater is designed to heat large, drafty buildings, including barns. It is clean burning and requires no electricity.

With an easy-to-install design, it can suspend it with a chain or mount it at a 45-degree angle. It can be used to heat stalls or specific areas of the barn. You can easily install multiple units to heat large areas, such as arenas.

This heater is quiet and draft-free. It requires little to no maintenance and will last for a long time. It includes a millivolt thermostat, allowing you to set it to your preferred temperature.

6. Stiebel Eltron 074058 120-Volt 1500-Watts Heater

Stiebel Eltron 074058 120-Volt 1500-Watts Heater

Built to be mounted against a wall, the Stiebel Eltron heater is well built with reliable performance. Perfect for an individual horse stall or very small barn, it runs quietly and has a built-in thermostat.

7. Modine Hot Dawg Heater

Modine Hot Dawg Heater

This handy heater operates at 80% thermal efficiency, making it great for keeping your barn or arena warm. Not only is it easy to install, but it is also quiet and compact.

This heater operates by your choice of liquid propane or natural gas, with direct spark ignition. With a versatile design, it allows for right or left-hand controls and installation, depending on your needs. The permanently lubricated motor allows for smooth running and little to no maintenance.

With sturdy brackets, you can install it on the wall and out of the way. It is certified for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

Benefits of Using Infrared Heaters Versus Forced Air Systems

Infrared heating systems produce comfortable, radiant heat. They heat directly down on a specific area instead of heating an entire space.

Infrared heating systems are great for walkways, stalls, washracks, and even riding arenas. They focus the heat in that particular area, instead of sending it through the entire building. Forced air systems move the air around the space, which would require a lot of work as barns often have large, open designs.

In addition, there are often more places for the heat to escape to the outside, leading to a high electric bill.

Forced air systems can also spread dust, mold, and moisture in the air, which can lead to an unhealthy environment.

If you are wanting to heat your barn during winter, infrared heaters are a much more practical option than forced air systems in most cases. Infrared heaters save energy and are more efficient.


Are Electric or Propane Heaters Better for Barns?

Both electric and propane heaters are suitable options for heating barns. They both have benefits and most people base their decision on personal preference.

Electric heaters are easy to install and with infrared light, they are often energy efficient. Propane heaters can be a reliable option if the power goes out, as they don’t rely on electricity.

At What Temperature Do Horses Need a Heater and/or Blanket?

Most people blanket horses when the temperature gets into the 30s or below. However, at 0 degrees, you should either blanket your horse and/or use a heater.

To keep your horse healthy and comfy, it is important they have some blanket or heat source in frigid temperatures. Older horses and foals are especially sensitive to the cold, so it is important to keep them warm in winter.

Also, read our guide to the best barn fans to keep your horses cool in the summer.