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Sommer Smith

Sommer Smith

Sommer Smith grew up in rural Oklahoma and fell in love with horses at an early age. Her first horse was a cow pony that she shared with her older sister, but she taught herself how to ride and learned much about caring for her horse through trial and error. Still in love with horses as an adult, she took lessons at a Southern Hills Riding Academy in Tulsa to learn how to ride English, something she had always wanted to do. She learned advanced dressage, showjumping, cross country and competed in novice level events in Oklahoma and northern Texas for a short time.

Later, she discovered the thrill of barrel racing, another sport she had long wanted to take part in. Through friends in the sport, she learned much more about horse care and how to be competitive in the barrel racing world.

Sommer has competed in lower-division barrel races around her state and has worked with some important names in the barrel racing industry. She has won the 3D average in Lucky Dog Barrel races, placed in some A-OK local series competitions for the yearly average, and won series prizes in local divisional races for competing successfully throughout the season. Some larger races she has competed in include the three-day long Lucky Dog race in Fort Smith and some Barrel Bash and Four Star productions events. She continues to grow in her understanding of horses and their care.

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