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Rachel Major

Rachel Major - Author at Horsey Hooves


The daughter of a professional Jumper and Steeplechaser, Rachel was brought up with horses. At the tender age of twelve, a local scout troop provided her the education, training, and certifications to ride, train, work, and ultimately teach others.

Experience and Education

Beginnings in the local show and rodeo circuit led Rachel to the University of Missouri Rodeo Team. It was there that she learned a love for cattle horses and the cattle competitions that are rarely found far from a cattle ranching community.

An apprenticeship with a nationally ranked American National Cutting Horse Association trainer paved the way for successful competition with the NCHA.

When traveling the country for competitions lost its appeal, Rachel accepted a unique and valuable experience opportunity to work as a Thoroughbred Exercise Rider and Groom at Fairmount Race Track.

Ultimately, Rachel transitioned to a barn that would purchase Thoroughbreds from the racetrack to rehabilitate them for work in other competitive fields.

Throughout the years, she’s worked as a Troubleshoot Trainer to help other owners and their horses resolve bad habits or quirks and reaffirm the relationships between them.

Teaching youth riders with new horses has always been her favorite activity, and she would rather teach for free than fly around the backstretch any day of the week.