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Jess Shipman

Jess Shipman was obsessed with horses from the first time she laid eyes on them as a child. She began riding at age 12 and bought her first horse, a black AQHA gelding named Mescalena Joe, shortly after. She is a well-rounded equestrian and has competed in everything from pole bending to dressage.

Currently, she is involved in Thoroughbred horse racing and also trains retired racehorses for their next career. She is the proud owner of two off the track thoroughbreds, Honey Smacks and Distribution.

Horses have long held an essential place in the world of sports, labor, and leisure, with their variety and versatility being truly impressive. One acronym that holds significant weight in the equine sphere is OTTB – a term that sparks curiosity among the uninitiated and nods of understanding from the seasoned equestrian. But what exactly …

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Whether you’re a novice equestrian learning the ropes or an experienced rider fine-tuning your skills, safety should always be a top priority. In the world of horse riding, one piece of equipment that plays a significant role in ensuring safety is the stirrup. Not all stirrups are made equal, though, and when it comes to …

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Welcome to Love Valley, North Carolina! This tiny town in the Brushy Mountains is unique for several reasons, but most obvious is the fact that there are no cars allowed. Residents travel by horseback! Far away from the hustle of city life, Love Valley offers a relaxed and leisurely atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. …

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