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Élizabeth Mason

Elizabeth Mason is a French Canadian from Quebec, Canada. Her passion for horses started at early stages - she rode for the first time at the age of 4 and bothered her parents for horseback riding lessons since that day. Lucky her, they agreed! She started English riding lessons at the age of 7. Since the first lesson, she knew her passion would be to jump.

At age 11, she got her first horse, Yankee, a Thoroughbred crossed Standardbred. Ever since, the horse family grew, with five more family members – turning towards Warmbloods. She has shown in different disciplines such as show jumping, cross country and dressage. She also had the chance to learn a bit on breeding, since she bred her Holsteiner mare twice, which led her to learn about young horses and their training, since she broke both offsprings.

She has been riding for the past 22 years, and since her first horse, barn day is every single day. Although it is her first time writing on different topics about horses, she has always enjoyed reading and learning on equines and their training.

How Smart are Horses? Horse Intelligence Facts, Comparisons & Studies

Some days, before even getting on our horse’s back, we get the feeling that our ride won’t meet our expectations. Have you ever wondered why? Chances are, you are speaking to your horse without even noticing exactly what message you are sending to him – whether you are doing it by shifts in your body …

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