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Dj Madson

Dj is a Marine Corps veteran and equestrian dedicated to equine community education and promotion of the Morgan horse.

Dj and her husband reside in north Texas with their Morgans and miniature horse, Sir Lumpy.

Dj has had an extensive riding career in both English and western disciplines and has a love for all things equitation.

Dj is a communications major but pursued a career in the horse field through tack and bitting advisory. Through her tack store in Wichita Falls, Dj promotes her favorite breed and hosts nonprofit educational events open to the public.

As an AgriLife Extension volunteer, she also creates seminars and clinics for her local 4H Horse Club students on various equine and ranch-related topics.

Dj grew up riding and showing Morgan horses and participating in programs ran by the American Morgan Horse Association.

Her love for their youth programs inspired her current goal of creating a local “Youth of the Year” competition for junior exhibitor riders in her area. Equine education is her passion!

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