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Amelia O'Connor

Obsessed with horses since my first pony ride at the age of five, these beautiful creatures have been a recurring theme in my life. My favourite riding instructor said I was too smart to waste my life on them though. I still strongly disagree. She taught me the importance of connecting with your horse. We learned the ins and outs of each discipline.

We went to shows. But the one thing that stuck was the spiritual connection between horse and rider. I learned so much about intuition and energy from her. We focused on natural horsemanship a lot. And after the first time I did “Join Up” with a horse, my life changed forever.

Now, after rehabilitating abused horses, taming wild horses and teaching others the importance of connecting with horses I can thank her for not only introducing me to the spiritual aspects of horses, but also for my career in Spiritual guidance and healing.

Besides horses I also do tarot readings, have a vast knowledge of all aspects of Spirituality and Natural Healing (from energy healing to herbs and homeopathy – which work really well on horses by the way), and I’m also studying to become a yoga instructor. And I have horses to thank for all of this. They are a true blessing in my life.

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