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9 Facts & FAQs About Annica Hansen, Famous Equestrian & Model

9 Facts & FAQs About Annica Hansen, Famous Equestrian & Model

Annica Hansen is a German TV presenter, model, and equestrian influencer. She is famous on social media where she shares her life with horses and inspires people to become the best versions of themselves.

In her early career, Annica worked as a host at major German TV channels, such as Pro7 and Sat1. “I love to entertain people and to give them a special day or evening that they always think back to with a smile,” Annica wrote on her website. She later became an event moderator to be able to spend more time around horses.

Annica Hansen is most active on Instagram (326k followers) and YouTube (216k subscribers), where she shares her daily life on her horse farm. However, her social media journey actually started out on Facebook, where she now has 198k followers.

Stats about Annica Hansen:

Height: 175 cm
Born:16, October, 1982
Birthplace:Duisburg, Germany
Star Sign:Libra

Here are nine facts about Annica Hansen!

“I’ve loved horses since I can remember”

Annica Hansen is a horse girl at heart. She’s adored horses ever since she can remember, even though she doesn’t come from an equestrian family. In her words, she is happiest “on the back of a horse with hay in her hair.”

As a young girl, Annica couldn’t get enough of these wonderful animals. Her biggest dream was to fly across a field on the back of a pony. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Eventually, Annica convinced her parents to take her to a riding school, where she absorbed all the knowledge there was about horses. Riding lessons were the highlight of her week, although she wanted to break out of the constraints of the school.

Soon, Annica started to help out at the stables in exchange for riding lessons. As a teenager, she had the opportunity to loan a horse and experience what owning a horse is really like. Although she initially pursued a different profession, her heart always led her back to horses.

The fact that the ponies have not only become my hobby but also my job and calling is the greatest gift I could ever have given myself,” Annica shared on her website.

Annica Hansen Started Modeling at the Age of 18

Annica Hansen was born in 1982 in Duisburg and grew up in Tönivorst, western Germany. During her school years, she moved to the small town of Krefeld, where she graduated from high school.

At the age of 18, Annica moved to Cologne to study mathematics and textile clothing management. She also began her modeling career, appearing in advertisements and catalogs. (Source: Wikipedia)

She First Appeared on Television in 2004

Annica Hansen first featured on TV as part of the Sat1 channel show Kämpf um deine Frau (Fight For Your Woman) (2004). In the following years, she appeared on several TV series and films as an actress.

Her notable appearances through 2004-2006 include Schulmädchen (Schoolgirl) and soap operas Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) and Unter uns (Among Us). She also starred in Schlag den Star (Beat the Celebrity) (2009), Promi Shopping Queen (2012), and Europa-Park TV (2014).

Annica Hansen photo at a TV show awards ceremony
Credit: 9EkieraM1 (WikiMedia)

Annica Hansen Works as an Event Moderator and Influencer

Despite her success on TV, Annica couldn’t ignore her desire to spend more time with horses. Realizing that she wants to live a different life, Annica left the world of TV shows to become an influencer and event moderator.

Event moderators are responsible for making sure an event runs smoothly by keeping things interesting for the audience. They are the people who introduce speakers at a conference, tell us more about an athlete’s background, and make us feel like we are in the right place.

Annica Hansen has been an event moderator for big galas, conferences, sporting, and equestrian events. Among others, she worked at the FEI European Championships, the Mercedes Trophy, and the Breuninger Fashion Nights.

Annica Hansen’s Social Media Journey

According to Code_n, Annica Hansen was first active on Facebook, where she shared her life as a moderator. After a while, she expanded onto other platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. She enjoys being on social media as it allows her to directly connect with her fans, unlike on TV.

Unlike other influencers, Annica manages all her social media accounts herself. She loves reading what other people think of her and responds to as many fans as possible.

Interestingly, Annica prefers the term “creator” instead of “influencer” for describing what she does. On her website, she explains that “influencer” is a very generic term, whereas “creator” implies that she creates content for her audience.

Annica Hansen also works as a creator and consultant for other companies. Some of her sponsors include the German equestrian companies Agrobs, Stübben, and Effol, as well as Uvex and Mercedes Benz.

On her website, Annica explained what her social media accounts are all about: “I want to convey values ​​to my community and demonstrate to my viewers that life is not about perfection, but rather about becoming the best version of yourself. With all weaknesses and flaws. It’s about heart and soul, passion and burning for something.

Annica Hansen Is a YouTube Star

Annica Hansen is one of the most popular equestrian YouTubers on the platform and the biggest in Germany. Since June 2012, her channel has racked up an impressive 28.5 million views!

However, Annica’s YouTube journey didn’t start out as an equestrian venture. Her first video about horses was A Day at the Barn | Follow me around. To her amazement, the views took off immediately and she hasn’t looked back ever since.

At the same time, YouTube is a learning curve, and Annica encountered plenty of humps and bumps along the road. In the beginning, she made the mistake of trying to be like other people, which rarely leads to success. She soon learned the value of being unique and showing her viewers what she’s truly passionate about.

The stars of Annica’s channel are undoubtedly her three horses: Wölbchen, Cantolino, and Cobie. She publishes content roughly twice a week, which is a mix of tutorials, competition vlogs, product reviews, and tips about riding and training.

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She Bought Her First Horse in Her Mid-Twenties

According to her website, Anica Hansen bought her first horse when she was in her mid-twenties. Coming across her graceful chestnut Wölbchen was a life-changing experience that affected her entire life.

After Wölbchen came two more horses, the beautiful bay Canto and the sporty gray Cobie de Coeur. Cobie was Anica’s first young horse and proved to be highly photogenic on her social media. Anica competes in eventing, showjumping, and dressage with her horses and spends every free minute of her time with them.

Anica is extremely grateful for being able to work with horses as part of her job. With her social media, she hopes to spread happiness and inspire young people to pursue their dreams.

No matter where you come from or what seems to be predetermined. You can take your fate into your own hands and make your greatest dreams come true.” – Annika Hansen.

Annica Hansen Runs the Shop “Ponylove”

PonyLove (German: Ponyliebe) is Annica Hansen’s online equestrian shop. Launched in 2018, PonyLove sells various horse care products, accessories, fashionable equestrian clothing, tack, treats, books, calendars, jewelry, and much more!

According to Annica, the demand for PonyLove products originally came from her social media followers. Her fans wanted merchandise featuring Annica’s style and values, especially clothing.

As a response, Annica started printing her own designs onto hoodies and T-shirts, which she then sold through a separate dealer. However, she soon realized she didn’t need a middleman, and the PonyLove shop was born!

On her website, Annica shares the story behind her shop’s name. Ponylove was a hashtag she used on her social media accounts (#ponyliebe) that represents what she feels when she is with her horses. Even though Annica doesn’t strictly own ponies, in her opinion, “every horse that is loved is a pony.”

For me, PonyLove is a way of life, a statement, a message that says so much about me and my love for my four-legged friends. That’s why my own brand couldn’t be called anything else. I live PonyLove every day.”

Annica Hansen Is Also an Author

Surprisingly, Annica never imagined she would one day write a book. However, it somehow happened, and she is now the published author of two beautifully illustrated books about horses!

Her first book #PonyLove – My Life with Horses was released in 2019. It gives readers an exclusive insight into the author’s pony farm life, alongside expert tips about horse care, riding, and how to grow your own YouTube channel!

Annica Hansen's book, #PonyLiebe

In Annica’s words, “#PonyLove” is like her channel, only for readers! In her book, she shares her childhood experiences with horses, as well as her favorite training tips and exercises for the benefit of all riders. It’s certainly the ultimate treat to Annica Hansen’s fans, if you speak German that is!

Just like everything she does, Annica’s first book was an instant success. She went on book tours and readings all over Germany, and her work was even featured at the Leipzig Book Fair. Inspired by the reception, Annica already wrote a sequel “#PonyLove 2” that was released in 2021.