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10 Most Amazing Horse Attractions You Need to Visit

If you are looking for a fun family getaway, these amazing horse attractions are a must-visit. They offer fun and unique experiences that equestrians of all ages will love.

From museums to parks, these horse attractions offer everything from hands-on experiences, demonstrations, exhibits, riding, and more. They offer something for everyone to enjoy, even those who don’t ride. They are well worth visiting on your next family vacation.

Here are 10 amazing horse attractions you need to visit:

1. Spanish Riding School

Watch the world-famous Lippizans of the Spanish Riding School in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria. At the stunning riding hall, one of Vienna’s most iconic sites, visitors can watch the incredible white stallions perform classical dressage.

Young, boisterous stallions all the way to the fully trained School Stallions perform every show along with their highly-trained riders. From the Levade to the Capriole, guests will get to witness the incredible athleticism and beauty of these magnificent horses. Visitors will get to experience a glimpse of the over 450-year history of these historic horses.

Tickets to watch the horse’s famous performance of the Ballet of the White Stallions are available year-round. In addition to the performance, guests have the opportunity to watch training sessions from Tuesday through Saturday at 10 am. Guided tours of the stables are also available and the school regularly hosts special events as well.

2. Kentucky Horse Park

Kentucky Horse Park sign

Nestled in Lexington, Kentucky, Kentucky Horse Park is a paradise for horse lovers. The equine theme park features education, exhibition, engagement, and competition while celebrating humans’ relationships with horses.

At the park, visitors can watch live shows which include the Hall of Champions Shows, Parade of Breeds, and the Big Barn Stall-Side Chat. The park is also home to the International Museum of the Horse, a Smithsonian Affiliate, featuring the role horses have played in history, from ancient times to today. Guests can also visit The American Saddlebred Museum, Al-Marah Horse Galleries, and The Wheeler Museum, which showcases a collection of equestrian memorabilia.

At the facilities, guests can walk through the barns with the opportunity to see some of the biggest draft horse breeds in the world along with retired racehorses. Carriage rides and trail rides are available for those wanting a hands-on experience.

The park is open March 31 – October 31 from 9 am-5 pm, Wednesday through Sunday. A campground is also conveniently located at the park for those wishing to stay on the grounds. The museums are open year-round and horse shows and events are regularly held at the park.

3. Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art

Arena at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art
Photo by Yoshi Canopus

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain is home to the beautiful Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. The school is dedicated to the preservation of equestrian arts and also the Pureblood Spanish horse.

Visitors from all over come to watch the incredible performance of “How the Andalusian Horses Dance.” It features Classical Dressage, Doma Vaquera (country-style riding), carriage driving, work in-hand and carousel, showcasing the Andalusian’s versatility and agility.

While there, guests also have the opportunity to view the stunning and historic Recreo de las Cadenas. Tours are available of the stables and tack room and visitors may also watch the daily training sessions. The facility also features the Museum of Equestrian Art and Carriage Museum.

Guests may visit the school from January to December, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Programs vary day by day.

4. Kentucky Derby Museum

Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill Downs
Photo by Brent Moore (Flickr)

If you’ve ever dreamed of watching the Kentucky Derby in person, the Kentucky Derby Museum is a must. Located at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, the museum offers much more than traditional exhibits.

The museum includes racing memorabilia, history of the Thoroughbred horse, footage from Kentucky Derbys, and more. Visitors even have the opportunity to test their skills by riding in a simulated horse race. While visiting, guests have the chance to take a complimentary guided tour of the historic Churchill Downs Racetrack with a purchase of a museum ticket.

Behind the scenes tours are also available, where guests have the chance to see inside the racing facilities and view Thoroughbreds training. The museum is open yearly, with hours varying by the season.

5. The University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm

The University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm

For those who love history and horses, the University of Vermont (UVM) Morgan Horse Farm is a must-see. Located in Weybridge, Vermont, the farm is dedicated to preserving and promoting the Morgan horse.

The striking historic white barn sits among picturesque rolling hills and features a life-size statue of Figure, the first Morgan horse. As a working farm, the facilities are home to over 40 Morgan horses. It is the oldest continuous Morgan horse breeding program in the world. 

As a part of UVM, the farm features apprenticeships and internships. The farm even features walking trails where visitors can take in the scenery while viewing gorgeous horses.

Guests may visit the facilities 9 am and 4 pm, Monday through Saturday. Guided tours are available where visitors can learn all about the history of the Morgan breed, view the historic facilities and see horses up close. The farm also features special events on a regular basis which includes riding and driving demonstrations, along with educational and hands-on activities.

6. Cavaland Park

Cavaland equestrian amusement park located in Quebec, Canada

Cavaland is an equestrian amusement park located in Quebec, Canada. Designed for the whole family, the park offers an array of hands-on activities.

At the park, visitors can experience horsemanship performances and workshops, which include dressage, side saddle, and trick riding. A medieval village features exciting jousting demonstrations. The park also offers pony rides, trail rides, and the unique opportunity to go swimming with horses. Kids can also get up close and personal to groom and even paint horses.

The park is open to the public in summer and autumn. The equestrian center is open all year long providing lessons and boarding.

7. The Tempel Lipizzans

Temple Lipizzans show Located in Old Mill Creek, Illinois

Located in Old Mill Creek, Illinois, Tempel Lippizans promotes the Lipizzan breed and classic dressage in the United States. Their unique breeding and training program is unlike any other in the country.

Their breathtaking performances include a display of the mares and foals, classical dressage, work in hand, long rein, and the quadrille. From young stallions to the advanced, they demonstrate the progression of all the hard work that goes into training a dressage horse.

While at the facilities, guests may also partake in a behind-the-scenes tour. The tour includes walking through the stables, viewing training sessions, and even meeting horses up-close.

The facility also features private events, clinics, and sales. Tickets for tours and performances are available throughout the year, varying by the season.

8. Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park

Dorset Heavy Horse Farm attraction

Located in Verwood, United Kingdom, Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park works to conserve rare breeds of heavy horses. The multi-award-winning park offers something for everyone in the family.

The park is home to the rare and beautiful Shire, Clydesdale, Suffolk Punch, Percheron, and Ardennes breeds. While visiting, guests have the opportunity to learn all about these breeds while seeing them up-close and watching demonstrations. As part of the farm experience, horse-drawn carriage rides are available.

In addition to draft horses, the farm also has vintage displays, farmyard animals, play areas, and activities. The park is open from 10 am – 4 pm, with the days open varying by season.

9. Claiborne Farm

Claiborne Farm horse racing attraction

Located in Paris, Kentucky, Claiborne Farm produces some of the finest Thoroughbred horses in the world. In addition to operating a breeding facility, they also offer in-depth tours.

While visiting the pristine farm, guests will get the opportunity to see Thoroughbred stallions and the breeding shed, all while learning about the farm’s rich history on the walking tour. In addition, guests will get to walk through the cemetery, where the legendary racehorse Secretariat is buried. Shuttle tours are also available to see the broodmare and foaling division.

Guided tours are available seven days a week, with the exception of January and February where they are available Thursday through Monday. Broodmare and foaling tours are available from April to October.

10. Wild Horse Adventure Tours

Wild Horse Adventure Tours

For a truly unique adventure, Wild Horse Adventure Tours offers visitors to see wild horses in their natural habitats. Located in Corolla, North Carolina, the tours view the rare Corolla Wild Horses that freely roam on the beaches.

Also, read our Corolla Wild Horses guide.

The tours are led on an open-air Hummer that is eco-friendly, providing an immersive experience. They last a little over two hours long, where guests can view and learn about the wild horses, along with local wildlife. Throughout the tour, there will also be plenty of opportunities to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.

Tours are available throughout the year, depending on the season. Tour availability may also vary according to the weather.

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