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Who Is Allison Wardle? Meet Graham Wardle’s Ex-Wife

Who Is Allison Wardle? Meet Graham Wardle’s Ex-Wife

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Graham Wardle is best known for his role in the hit series Heartland. He played the role of Ty Borden, Amy Fleming’s husband, from 2007-2021.

Graham Wardle left Heartland because he felt it was time to move on from acting and focus on other areas of life. Wardle now has a podcast, Time Has Come and is continuing to focus on new projects.

Wardle tends to remain private about his personal life. However, we do know that Graham Wardle was married to Allison Wardle from 2015-2018.

So, just who is Allison Wardle, and what is she up to now?

Who is Allison Wardle? Graham Wardle’s Ex-Wife

Allison Wardle is the ex-wife of Canadian actor and Heartland star, Graham Wardle. The couple married in 2015 after several years of dating but divorced just three years later in 2018.

It is unclear how Graham and Allision first met. In addition, it is also not known why the couple divorced but it is said to be a mutual agreement.

While married, the couple tended to remain away from the public spotlight. The actor tends to be private about his personal life, so not much is known about his ex-wife.

During a Facebook Q&A in 2020, a fan asked Graham Wardle about his relationship status. “I am gonna be honest guys, and I have kept my personal life private for a while now,” said Wardle.

The actor then went on to open up about how he and Allison split up and went their separate ways in 2018. He told his fans he wanted to take a break from the situation, which is why he had remained private on the matter.

Do Graham and Allison Wardle Have Any Children?

Graham and Allison Wardle do not have any children together. In addition, Graham does not appear to have any children from other relationships.

What Does Allison Wardle Do For a Living?

According to some news sources, Allison Wardle works as a professional photographer. However, she is very private about her personal life and does not have any public social media accounts.

Graham is also a photographer so it is possible that the two met and bonded over their passion for photography.

It is not clear what Allison Wardle’s net worth is. However, Graham Wardle has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

How old is Allison Wardle?

While there is no official confirmation as to how old Allison Wardle is, some news reports claim she was born in 1980. If so, this would make her six years older than her ex-husband Graham Wardle, who was born on September 6, 1986.

Is Graham Wardle in a Relationship?

Since he remains private about his personal life, it is unclear if Graham Wardle is in a relationship since his divorce from Allison. It is also unclear if Allison has dated anyone since the divorce.

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What is Graham Wardle Doing After Heartland?

Graham Warlde left his role as Ty Borden on Heartland in 2021. He wanted to move on from acting in order to explore other areas of life.

Graham Wardle now focuses on his podcast, Time Has Come. The description of the podcast reads: “What life exists for you outside your comfort zone? How does one cultivate the strength, courage and faith to move beyond the fears that hold us back? Graham Wardle explores the personal journeys of his guests and how they have stepped beyond what is familiar/safe and into the unknown.”

Wardle has also published the book Find Your Truth which includes his photography and a collection of his writings. In addition, he has also released guided meditations on guidance, appreciation, and sleep.

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