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Who is Alice in 1923? Why is She Arrested? Who Plays Her?

Who is Alice in 1923? Why is She Arrested? Who Plays Her?

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1923 follows the Dutton family as they run the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch during the ever-changing times of the early 20th century. Throughout the series, the Duttons face enemies who want their land such as sheepherder Banner Creighton and businessman Donald Whitfield.

In the season finale, Jacob Dutton and his men travel to Bozeman to appear in court for Banner’s trial. While in town, ranch hand Zane asks Jacob if he can spend the night with his family, to which Jacob agrees.

Zane goes home to his family, which includes his wife Alice and their two children. What begins as a joyous family reunion quickly turns into a nightmare as Alice is arrested and dragged away from her family.

Who is Zane’s Wife Alice in 1923?

Alice Chow is the wife of Zane Davis and the mother of Matthew and Madelyn. Alice and the children reside in their home near Bozeman while Zane works on the ranch.

Zane's wife Alice being arrested in the 1923 drama series

While not much is known about Alice, she is clearly well-educated as she is able to explain to her children how radio stations work. Alice also clearly loves her husband and children, caring deeply about her family.

Sadly, after Zane spends the night at home with his family, Alice is arrested the next morning. The news is devastating as it tears apart the loving family.

Why was Alice Arrested in 1923?

In 1923, Alice Chow gets arrested for breaking an anti-miscegenation law. This means as an Asian woman, it was illegal for her to be married to Zane, a white man.

After spying on Zane and Alice in bed, one of Banner’s men, Clive, notifies law enforcement of their marriage. The police come out to arrest Alice the next morning at her home. This cruel punishment is a way for Banner to further tear apart the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Zane tries to stop the police from taking Alice away but they brutally beat him up. The police also call their children “mongrel kids” which is a derogatory term used to describe interracial or biracial people.

Sadly, the anti-miscegenation law in 1923 was actually real. In Montana, The Anti-Miscegenation Act of 1909 made it illegal for white people to marry anyone who was African American, Chinese, or Japanese.

Zane's wife during dinner with Zane and their kids in the 1923 series finale

In addition to punishing those in the marriage, the law also punished anyone who performed the marriage. It wasn’t until 1953 that the Anti-Miscegenation Act of 1909 was repealed.

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What Will Happen to Alice in Season 2 of 1923?

Now that Alice is arrested, Zane will likely have to temporarily step away from the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch to care for his kids and help free his wife. With Zane away from his job, this makes the ranch more vulnerable to attack from Banner and his men.

Hopefully, Alice will be able to return to her family, allowing Zane to resume his job at the ranch. Perhaps Jacob’s acquaintance with Sherriff McDowell will help in the process of freeing Alice.

Who Plays Alice Chow in 1923?

In 1923, Alice Chow is played by Joy Osmanski. Joy Osmanski is an American actress who was born on October 29, 1975, in Seoul, South Korea. She grew up in Olympia, Washington, and has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Joy Osmanski who plays Alice, Zane's wife in the 1923 TV series
Joy Osmanski in 2011. Credit: carrie-nelson /

Osmanski was adopted by American parents when she was a baby. She graduated from Principia College where she got a degree in creative writing and studio art. She then attended the University of California, San Diego where she got an MFA from the graduate acting program.

Osmanski is best known for her range of comedic roles in TV shows. She began her acting career in 2006 with her role as Darcy in The Loop (2006-2007).

In addition to film and television, Osmanski has also done voicework for video games including Destiny 2, Epic Seven, Rage 2, and Fallout 76: Wastelanders.

Osmanski married actor Corey Brill in 2009. She has three children, one stepchild, one adoptive child, and one biological child with her husband.

Notable Joy Osmanski Films and TV Shows

  • The Loop (2006-2007) as Darcy
  • Samantha Who? (2007-2008) as Tracy        
  • Grey’s Anatomy (2007-2008) as Lucy
  • True Jackson, VP (2009-2011) as Patti Park
  • Allen Gregory (2011) as Julie De Longpre
  • Save Me (2013) as Maggie Tompkins
  • Freakish (2017) as Felicity
  • Shot (2017) as Nurse Samantha       
  • Dead Night (2017) as Mika Shand
  • Santa Clarita Diet (2017-2019) as Alondra
  • Duncanville (2020-2022) as Jing Harris
  • Stargirl (2020-2022) as Paula Brooks / Tigress
  • 1923 (2022-present) as Alice Chow