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97-Year-Old Woman’s Dream to Ride a Horse One Last Time Comes True

97-Year-Old Woman’s Dream to Ride a Horse One Last Time Comes True

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Janet Fakus used to ride horses and was itching to get back in the saddle once again. For Christmas, the 97-year-old grandmother wanted to check “ride a horse again” off of her bucket list.

Fortunately, her wish came true when she received a riding voucher for a horse farm in Oklahoma.

With the help of her family and Cottonwood Creek Ranch, Fakus was able to get back in the saddle.

A Dream Come True

After waiting for the weather to improve and Farkus to feel better, Cottonwood Creek Ranch of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma granted the grandmother’s Christmas wish.

Cottonwood Creek Ranch is owned by Kelly Kragel and is home to numerous world and national champion Morgan horses.

Farkus got the opportunity to ride the beautiful dark bay Morgan gelding SpringMill Stardust GCH, aka Stretch.

Farkus looked like a rockstar as she sported a leather jacket while riding in elegant western tack with stunning silver embellishments.

The grandmother was able to guide Stretch all by herself across the ring and even jogged some on her own. True to the nature of Morgans, Stretch took great care of his special rider.

Kragel even jumped aboard Stretch with Farkus to expertly guide the gelding for the 97-year-old’s enjoyment.Farkus even got the opportunity to lope, making the momentous occasion even more fun.

97 year old woman rides a horse for the last time

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Kragel also put a world champion ribbon on Stretch so Farkus could take a victory lap. Farkus was clearly having the time of her life, overjoyed to be back in the saddle once again.

After her fantastic ride, Farkus took pictures with her family and Stretch. The special occasion brought tears to the eyes of her family and the staff of Cottonwood Creek.

Stretch certainly brought joy to Farkus, being ever so careful as Farkus rode.

Watch the heartwarming video of Farkus and Stretch down below:

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Pam Feld

Thursday 24th of March 2022

What a beautiful horse. My favorite breed. So versatile for any level or age of a rider. My dream has always been one to own a Morgan. But at 65 that is never going to happen. I had a horse of an unknown breeding. But his temperament lead me to believe he must have Morgan running through his veins. Morgan horses are a far superior breed in my opinion especially the more traditional size. Shorter and stockier. The image of Justin Morgan. I would love to ride again.

Anne Mabberley

Thursday 24th of March 2022

Morgans are the best