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8 Questions for 1923 Season 2 Fans Want Answering

8 Questions for 1923 Season 2 Fans Want Answering

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Following in the footsteps of 1883, 1923 is the second prequel series of Yellowstone. The series follows the Dutton family as they struggle to maintain the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch during the many challenges of the early 20th century.

Season 1 of 1923 left many burning questions as to what will happen in season 2. The future of the ranch is unknown, as well as the fates of many characters such as Teonna, Spencer, and Alexandra.

As we patiently await the return of 1923, there are several questions fans want answering in season 2.

Is Alexandra Dutton Pregnant?

In the season 1 finale, Alexandra experiences nausea on the passenger liner headed to London. While she could have just been seasick, she had never shown any signs of seasickness before despite experiencing worse waters.

Alexandra dressed up or a ball in the 1923 season 1 finale

Alexandra could have actually been experiencing morning sickness, meaning that she is already pregnant. There is even a brief moment she rests her hand on her stomach in the manner a pregnant woman would.

Alexandra also tells her friend Jennifer that “The only family I’m thinking of is the one I’m starting.” This could imply that Alexandra already believes she may be pregnant.

What is Next for Jack and Elizabeth?

At the end of season 1, Elizabeth experiences a miscarriage, leaving her devastated. While she finds comfort in Jack’s support, it is clear that she is eager to start up a family.

In season 2 of 1923, Elizabeth and Jack will likely try again for another child. However, we may see Elizabeth experience more fertility issues.

The stress from Jack’s role in protecting the ranch and Elizabeth struggling to get pregnant could strain their relationship. However, the young couple clearly loves each other and will fight for their relationship.

Will Jacob and Cara Pass on the Ranch to Jack or Spencer?

Jacob and Cara aren’t getting any younger and with their age, running the ranch is proving to be a big challenge. It wouldn’t be unlikely to see Jacob and Cara step down from their role of running the ranch, especially with all the trouble Banner and Donald are giving them.

Jacob and Cara Dutton embracing each other while they mourn the death of John Dutton in 1923

If Jacob and Cara pass on the ranch, it will be to either Spencer or Jack, but it is unclear who they will choose. Jack has been working on the ranch, presumably almost all his life. While he is passionate about the ranch, he is still young and sometimes hot-headed.

While Spencer hasn’t been on the ranch for years, he has plenty of experience. He is strong and a tough fighter, however, at times he struggles with PTSD from the war.

While both Spencer and Jack are good candidates to run the ranch, they both have their own challenges they struggle with.

Will Zane Reunite With His Family?

In the first season of 1923, Zane is ripped apart from his family for having an interracial marriage, which was illegal in Montana. His wife is arrested and Zane is left badly beaten up trying to stop the police from taking her.

Zane's wife in 1923 shortly before she is arrested

The cruel scenario happened due to an informant of Donald Whitfield to further damage the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Hopefully, in season 2, we can see Zane reunite with his family. Perhaps Jacob can use his acquaintance with Sherrif McDowell to reunite Zane with his wife and kids.

How Will the Ranch be Saved from Donald Whitfield and Banner Creighton?

Season 1 of 1923 left the Duttons in a tough situation as Donald Whitfield made the first payment on their property taxes. Already in a tough financial situation, they must repay Donald by the end of the year otherwise the deed to the ranch becomes his.

Donald Whitfield handing Jacob Dutton a document of the first property tax payment he made on their behalf in the 1923 season one finale

Spencer’s return to Montana and marriage to Alexandra could prove to be the key to stopping Donald and Banner. As Alexandra comes from a wealthy family, she may repay Donald for the property taxes.

On the other hand, Spencer’s experience from the war and as a hunter could prove to be valuable if the fight turns violent.

What Will Happen to Teonna?

Teonna has proven to be a strong, relentless fighter. Now that she has the help of her father and Pete, there is a very good chance that she will make it alive to Commanche territory.

However, Teonna’s worries are far from over. Upon finding the bodies of the priests, Father Renaud, and the lawmen are now headed to Commanche territory, assuming it is where Teonna will seek refugee.

As Teonna told her father, she doesn’t believe in waiting, she may waste no time in her relationship with Pete. It is clear that the two have chemistry so there is a chance they may end up together. Their romance could provide Teonna with some much-needed happiness after all the pain she has endured.

Teonna Rainwater in the 1923 season 1 finale

Will Teonna’s Storyline Cross Over With the Duttons?

With the lawmen and Father Renaud also headed to Commanche territory, Teonna may have to seek elsewhere for protection. Perhaps Teonna will travel to Montana to flee from the lawmen and Father Renaud.

If she does end in Montana, there is a good chance that Teonna’s storyline could cross over with the Duttons. Perhaps she can help them in their fight with Banner and Donald in return for protection from the law.

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Who Will Continue the Dutton Line in Season 2?

After the end of season 1 of 1923, we are still left wondering who the father is of John Jr. While many thought he could be Jack and Elizabeth’s baby, Elizabeth miscarried and it is unclear if she can even have children.

There is a good possibility that John Jr. could be the future son of Spencer and Alexandra. There is also the chance that Elizabeth is able to get pregnant again, becoming the mother of John Jr.

Spencer and Alexandra holding hands and dancing at a ball on a cruise ship in the 1923 season 1 finale

At the beginning of the season, Elsa tells the audience how only one of her brothers will live to see their children make it to adulthood.

After the death of John Sr, it is unclear which brother she is referring to. While Jack is still young, John did live long enough to watch him grow up and fall in love.

This leads to the possibility that Spencer dies, leaving Elizabeth and Jack to help raise his child. After Elizabeth has a miscarriage, Jack tells her that their destiny may become parents to children without one. This could foreshadow that they will raise Spencer’s son for him with Alexandra.

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