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1923 Episode 8 Finale Recap and Spoilers

1923 Episode 8 Finale Recap and Spoilers

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As the season finale, episode 8 of 1923 had a lot to unpack. From a duel to a scathing business move, the episode was action-packed.

The episode begins with Father Renaud continuing his search for Teonna. A new search party heads out with Father Renuad in tow, as progress has yet to be made in the search for Teonna.

Teonna returns to the encampment where she is alive but badly beaten up. She is awakened by her father greeting her and is filled with joy and relief to see him.

Upon learning she is alright, Runs His Horse urges Teonna to get up so they can head out. After setting up camp for the night, they decide to make their way down South to Commanche territory on the Washita River.

After observing Hank and Teonna flirting, Runs His Horse tells them there is no time for that now as their focus is surviving. Teonna tells him that they have been trying to kill her since they took her and she doesn’t believe in later.

Teonna Rainwater in 1923 epsiode 8

Teonna and Pete hold hands, with Teonna giving him a kiss on the cheek. She then cuddles up to him before breaking down crying.

No Justice in Town

Back in Montana, Jacob and the ranch hands head to town to attend Banner’s trial. After some discussion, Banner is released without bail as the judge claims the warrant was prematurely issued with a lack of physical evidence.

The judges give the office the opportunity to gather evidence, but meanwhile Banner is able to walk free. Unable to keep his mouth shut, Banner insults the Dutton, even throwing a punch at Jack.

He warns Jacob that he shouldn’t have settled the issue in court. Jacob replies he is happy to oblige if Banner wishes to die on his property.

Back at Donald’s house, Banner complains about how he wants the Duttons dead. Donald tells him to focus on getting the ranch, as vengeance will never make him money.

Jacob later visits the bank seeking to get a loan in order to buy enough hay for the cattle over winter. The banker tells him he can’t do another loan on the cattle as there is no way to lock in the value but he offers Jacob a mortgage. Jacob is not fond of this idea and walks out of the bank after making no progress.

Meanwhile, Zane takes the day off of work to spend time with his family. He enjoys a dinner with his wife Alice and two kids where they discuss the news of a radio station coming to Montana.

Zane and his wife proceed to enjoy some intimate time in the shower until their daughter interrupts saying there is a monster outside her window. Alice reassures her it is alright and to go back to bed.

Unbeknownst to the family, the monster is actually one of Banner’s men spying on him. Later on, the police show up at the house saying that Alice is under arrest for violating Montana’s statute against miscegenation.

They drag Alice out of the house and when Zane rushes over to help his wife the police brutally beat him up. The officers leave with Zane’s wife.

Despair on the Ranch

Back on the ranch, Elizabeth is taking a bath after experiencing stomach pain.

After asking Jack to get her soda water, Elizabeth notices blood. The doctor comes to treat her, however, she sadly loses her baby.

Elizabeth and Jack Dutton laying in bed after Elizabeth lost her baby in 1923 season 1 episode 8

Elizabeth sees herself as a failure as she thinks her purpose on earth is to have children. Jack comforts her telling her that Cara never had children but when he looks at her he only sees purpose as she has helped so many.

Later on, Jacob tells Cara he can’t feel his hands and that if it wasn’t for her he would ride off into the woods and never come back. However, their conversation is cut short as Donald arrives at their ranch.

Donald tells Jacob that he was behind on the first payment of his property taxes but he took the liberty to pay them for him.

Cara Dutton and Jacob Dutton in the 1923 season 1 episode 8 finale

Donald informs Jacob that if he doesn’t pay him back by the end of the year then the deed will revert to Donald. This leaves the Duttons in some major trouble as their ranch is now at stake.

Cara writes a letter to Spencer telling him that he is the only hope left. She says that he must hurry as otherwise there will be nothing left to fight for. However, instead of sending the letter, she crumbles it up.

Trouble Abroad

Over to Spencer and Alexandra’s timeline, the couple boards their ship to London. However, Alexandra is disturbed to learn that Arthur and his family are also on the ship.

Spencer and Alexandra in 1923 season 1 episode 8

After wanting to stay only inside her room, Spencer convinces Alexandra to go out on the deck to get some air as she becomes seasick.

Out on the deck she reunites with her friend Jennifer. After Jennifer informs Alexandra she only wants to see her friend happy, Alexandra makes the decision to quit hiding.

That night, they dine in the grand hall, with Spencer and Alexandra sporting their finest clothes. Arthur sees the happy couple enjoying time together and becomes enraged.

Despite his father telling him to move on, he challenges Spencer to a duel.

At first, Spencer pushes Arthur down and walks away. However, after Arthur calls Alexandra a “f**king wh**e” Spencer accepts his offer to a duel, despite Alexandra’s wishes.

Spencer Dutton and Arthur confrontation in 1923 season 1 finale

As Arthur forces a duel upon Spencer, he chooses swords as their weapon of choice. Despite being an expert swordsman, Spencer has no problem disarming Arthur. However, Arthur proves to be relentless, as he comes back, this time with Spencer beating him up.

Not able to take the hint of when to stop, Arthur charges at Spencer while he is unarmed, drawing a pistol on him. In self-defense, Spencer grabs Arthur and throws him overboard.

Chaos then erupts and Arthur’s dad, the Earl of Sussex, demands Spencer is taken to the brig and Alexandra is confined to her room. As the only one to speak up to their defense is Jennifer, the captain follows the Earl’s demands.

While Jennifer is able to clear Spencer’s name with the captain, the Earl uses his power to remove Spencer from the boat.

Spencer is to be taken to the port, however, the Earl insists that Alexandra remains detained as he questions the legitimacy of their marriage.

Jennifer is able to leave the captain’s quarters where she hurries to Alexandra’s room and frees her. Alexandra rushed to make it on the boat Spencer is being taken away on. While she attempts to depart the ship herself, she finds no way to leave.

Alexandra calls out for Spencer and while he tries to fight his captors, he is overpowered. Alexandra tells Spencer she will meet him in Bozeman, Montana as they loudly proclaim their love for one another. Alexandra gives the Earl a well-deserved slap before accepting her fate.