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20 Best 1923 Characters Ranked by Likability

20 Best 1923 Characters Ranked by Likability

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1923 has introduced us to a new generation of Duttons, giving us a deeper insight into the family’s history. In addition to the ancestors of the Duttons, we also meet the ancestors of Yellowstone’s Thomas Rainwater.

1923 follows the Dutton family as they deal with the many struggles of the early 20th century including drought, prohibition, lawlessness, and cattle theft. Just as the Duttons do today, they deal with enemies eager to get their hands on their valuable land.

From the charming Spencer Dutton to the scathing Donald Whitfield, 1923 has given us complex characters with interesting backstories.

Some of these 1923 characters make our blood boil, as they are truly terrible, while others will steal your heart with their charm.

Here is a ranking of the 1923 characters from worst to best based on factors including likability and importance to the storyline.

20. Sister Mary

Close up of Sister Mary in 1923 season 1

Sister Mary is a nun at a government boarding school who frequently beats Teonna. She is ruthless and inhuman, believing she must “beat the Indian” out of Teonna.

While Sister Mary is fearful of Father Renaud, her actions make it impossible to find any sympathy for her.

19. Father Renaud

Father Renaud in the 1923 TV series

Father Renaud is the headmaster at the government boarding school that Teonna attends. He is abusive and heinous, as he will harm anybody who goes against him. Quite frankly, the man has no redeemable qualities but he delivers a powerful role in the series.

18. Banner Creighton

Banner Creighton in the 1923 TV series season 1

Banner Creighton is a Scottish sheepherder that has been nothing but a headache for the Duttons. He thinks he is entitled to the Dutton’s land to graze his sheep.

Banner is also obsessed with revenge. He wants to take down the Duttons and make them suffer as he does it.

17. Arthur

1923 character Arthur who is Alexandra's ex fiance

Arthur is the ex-fiance of Alexandra and the son of the Earl of Sussex. It is hard not to feel bad for him but he simply can’t accept Alexandra is not interested in him. His obsession with his honor ends up costing him his life.

16. Sheriff McDowell

Sheriff William McDowell in 1923

William McDowell is the local sheriff and friend of Jacob Dutton. While he may not be the most interesting character, he is an important ally to the ranch.

15. Donald Whitfield

Donald Whitfield sat in his office in 1923 TV series

Donald Whitfield is a cutthroat businessman who is power-hungry with hints of psychopath behavior. He is a complex character that brings an interesting addition to the series but is far from likable.

Donald teams up with Banner to get the Dutton’s land. He is not afraid to make crooked business deals for his own personal gain. Donald adds a lot to the plotline and he will likely be a key part of the storyline of season 2.

14. John Dutton Sr

John Dutton Sr in the 1923 TV series

John Sr is the son of James and Margaret Dutton. He is married to Emma and they have one son, Jack.

John works on the ranch with his family, however, he is a brief part of the series, dying in just the third episode. While a vital part of the ranch, John was a bit lackluster as we never really saw much of his personality shine through.

13. Emma Dutton

Emma Dutton in the 1923 TV series

Emma Dutton is the wife of John and the mother of Jack. She starts off as a lively, happy character, helping out around the ranch while being a supportive wife and mother.

However, after the death of her husband John, she spirals into a deep depression. Despite Cara telling her that her son still needs her, Emma takes her own life. It is sad that we didn’t get more of Emma and see what potential she could have had.

12. Jennifer

Jennifer in the 1923 TV series

While Jennifer is a minor character, we have to give her credit where credit is due. After reuniting with Alexandra on the ship headed to London, Jennifer tells her she just wants to see her friend happy.

Jennifer comes through to help Spencer and Alexandra when they need it the most. Not only does she clear Spencer’s name after the duel, but she also frees Alexandra from being locked in her room. If it weren’t for Jennifer, things may have been even worse for Spencer and Alexandra.

11. Runs His Horse

Runs His Horse 1923 character

Runs His Horse is the father of Teonna Rainwater and a tribal leader for the Broken Rock Reservation. Upon learning that his daughter escaped and is in danger, he wastes no time searching for her.

After finding Teonna, he is overjoyed they are reunited and that she is now safe. While he may seem strict at times, he clearly loves his daughter and will do anything to protect her.

10. Hank

Hank in the 1923 TV series

Hank is a humble sheepherder who came across Teonna when she was on the run. After discovering he knows her father, Hanks sends out his son Pete Plenty Clouds to find him while providing protection for Teonna.

After two priests from Teonna’s boarding school find and attack her, Hanks shoots them, saving her life. Hank then carries the injured Teonna back to their encampment but is sadly shot and killed by one of the priests he shot who he presumed was dead.

9. Zane

Zane in 1923 TV series

Zane is the trusty ranch hand at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. He is loyal to the Duttons, staying with them through the toughest of times.

Zane cares about the Duttons and is always there to help them out, without being scared to voice his opinion. He is a loving family man and hopefully will see justice for him and his family in season two.

8. Pete Plenty Clouds

Pete Plenty Clouds in 1923

Pete Plenty Clouds is the son of Hank who finds Runs His Horse to tell him his daughter Teonna is in need of help. Pete is fearless and stands his ground in the face of danger.

Pete is not afraid to speak the truth, even if it puts him at risk. While he is tough, he also has a soft spot for Teonna and comforts her as she breaks down.

7. Elizabeth Dutton

Elizabeth Dutton in 1923

Elizabeth Dutton is a daughter of a fellow rancher and the wife of Jack. She is kind and caring but is also not afraid to have some fun.

While Elizabeth is a loving wife, at times her personality doesn’t seem to go beyond that. Her heart is often in the right place, however, she could benefit from becoming more of her own person.

6. Jack Dutton

Jack Dutton in the 1923 tv series

Jack Dutton is the son of John and Emma and the husband of Elizabeth. He is a dedicated rancher, always ready for what life has to offer.

At times, Jack can be hot-headed and even immature, however, it is clear that he is loyal to his family and the ranch. He often puts too much time into work instead of enjoying time with his wife.

While his young age often shows, he shows wisdom and kindness while comforting Elizabeth after her miscarriage.

5. Alexandra Dutton

Alexandra Dutton in the 1923 tv series

Alexandra is adventurous and passionate, not afraid to live in the moment and chase her dreams. She wastes no time after she meets Spencer Dutton, leaving her boring fiance behind to run away with him.

Even when she is scared, Alexandra does her best to put on a brave face. She is clearly deeply in love with Spencer and will do whatever it takes to be with him.

4. Jacob Dutton

Jacob Dutton riding a horse in the 1923 Yellowstone prequel series

Jacob Dutton is the patriarch of Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and will do whatever it takes to protect his family and land. He is a resilient fighter with a tough disposition.

Jacob is not afraid to fight for his land and will hold those accountable for their wrongdoings. While he is relentless when protecting his ranch, he has a soft spot for his family and dearly loves his wife.

3. Teonna Rainwater

Teonna Rainwater in the 1923 TV series

Teonna Rainwater is forced to attend a government boarding school run by Catholic priests and nuns. After suffering horrific abuse at the school, she refuses to let them break her spirit.

Not only does Teonna stand up for herself but also the other girls at the school who face abuse. She is fearless and tough, doing whatever it takes to set herself free from her abusers, not afraid to make them pay. While she has suffered deeply, she pushes forward and seeks to live in the moment. 

2. Spencer Dutton

Spencer Dutton from the 1923 TV series

Spencer Dutton has quickly become the heartthrob of 1923. Between his charming good looks, muscles, and carefree attitude, people can not get enough of him.

After serving in WWI, Spencer becomes a big game hunter in Africa. He is fearless in the face of danger and willing to fight for those who need protection.

While Spencer struggles with his past, he has a big heart and cares for his family. He loves his wife Alexandra and is willing to do anything to protect her.

1. Cara Dutton

Cara Dutton in the 1923 drama series

Cara Dutton is the glue that holds Yellowstone Dutton Ranch together. She cares deeply for her family, putting them above all else.

Cara is fierce and a fighter, not afraid to stand up for herself and her family. While she is as tough as nails, she is also compassionate and caring.

Cara loves her husband Jacob and she is the most sensible person on the ranch. She is not afraid to stand up in front of a group of ranchers and speak her mind, something that was not easy for a woman in the 1920s.

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