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Welcome to our website. Founded in 2019, The Horsey Hooves network launched from a profound love for horses that spans over four decades and the vision to establish a premier online destination for horse enthusiasts globally. Our dedicated team of equine professionals delivers the latest in horse news, comprehensive horse guides, and updates from beloved equine-themed entertainment, including hit TV series like Yellowstone, 1923, 1883, Heartland, and beyond!

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Find popular and trending articles from the Yellowstone series here, including articles relevant to the prequels 1883 and 1923, future spin-offs such as 6666, and yet-to-be-released prequels, such as Lawman: Bass Reeves, 1944, and more. Yellowstone may be ending soon with Season 5 Part 2 (delayed from the initial Summer 2023 release to November, and now it appears sometime in 2024), but there’s still lots to look forward to!


Releasing November 5, 2023, the Yellowstone spin-off Lawmen: Bass Reeves follows the story of real-life lawman Bass Reeves. Originally titled 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, the series is now an independent storyline from 1883. Find popular and trending articles from the new series here.


More of a Heartland fan? Expectations are building with the new Season 17 currently airing weekly in Canada and soon to premiere in 2024 in the USA. Find popular and trending articles here, including details on the latest season and the latest updates on characters and episodes.


Find all the latest articles published on our website here (excluding the top three featured articles at the top). Click the ‘Load More’ button at the end of this list to see more from our archives.
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